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Challenge the system
Relating is easy on a demo
Did I meet you on that demo?
Now they'll send it by memo
Fax me a memo

'Cause there's no
what a prick, attitude matches wardrobe, uglier then sin.

This is Bed Stuy 82'
9th floor three tiny rooms one view.
Buck-town, Roosevelt house
The muck went abacus on labor persperator official biz when auditioning demos by which to live.
No whammies, stop.
Triple six game never chose me.
the thoughts to rhyme 
Til there was no longer thoughts to dream 
When an unpolished demo led to limos at the age of eighteen 
Accompanied by the screams,
fuck playin' fair!
y'all niggas like loose-leaf paper, easy to tear
Drag just burn that up and get it outta here
y'all think y'all goin' from heaven
gats wit no feeling

Teach them not to stash they cracks by the building
Teach them 'bout the game of life, it's thug livin', we all die

I don't