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the streets grow worse
Fuck the whole world kid my money comes first
Cause I'm out for the gusto, and trust nobody
If you're not family, then you die by me
with me
Oh did it seem, Dr King and Def Jam ain't the only ones with a dream
I'm a grown ass man, this kid a teen
You're a spoof of me like if hip hop
what that heat like

Hanz on yo we handle them Berettas PLO
Yo its forever, bout to show em what it be’s like

Method man, turn a dollar
York, better known as kings' dominion
We're back again, smacking beats across your head and back
And when you front I'l make you stand out like a fat
here's a pop quiz, kid
Whose pop gives
Eternal life through Christ
And who rocks gigs
And digs into your chest
Like a big ole shovel
And puts broken
to feed your kids and your girl
But you bastards don't even understand my world
What you know about bangin, drug distributin and lootin
Eviction notices

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