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You want me to jam I'm finna enter
Brain waves came from insane days
Make ya sick like bad mayonnaise
(Tech N9ne!) Got the remedy rhyme infinity
build a wall and block your way

Heat in the heart will break off the breath of death
Giving freedom to the soul for good
The lightning cuts short
from insane days
Make ya sick like bad mayonnaise
(Tech N9ne!) Got the remedy rhyme infinity
Criminally finna be some shit
I crack you open like
By all the forces of hell is sent this damnation of mine

Steel to steel, blood to blood
Pain to pain, life to death!
Millions of wizards look with
Tranquility to infinity (Yeah)
Tranquility to infinity

Canibus is an animal with the mechanical mandible
Coming to damage you spitting
[Ill Bill]
I eat politicians for breakfast
Till infinity it's endless
Bill and Hillary, George Bush, everybody's gettin it
Presidents, Supreme Court
It's killing me how wars that make no sense 
Last an infinity
It's silly shit how a city gets 
Mentally unfit
But really it gets worse when buildings
your shit, 'cause I'm always in a rush to spit,
Like an axe, when I rap, I splitter up your clique,
You better relax, be a witness or a participant,
to try to the trinity - I think I'm on another fuckin planet
Got me rappin, I'm at NASA, I'm infinity
I'm focused on my mini-me - I better embrace
to fly by on my black Yamaha, that's winging
Some man do the crime and talk but that's singing
Not many man have been in the wars that I've been in

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