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where I want to live someday
I'd see Lincoln Custer Washington and Pearry Nathan Hale and Colin Kelley too
There's a star spangled banner waving
By riding on a pony
I love to listen to the Dixey strain
"I long to see the girl I left behind me"
And that ain't a josh
She's a Yankee, by gosh
and regret
But I am haunted still by the things I can't forget

It's hard to take, this old heartache
It's drivin' me out of my mind
I can't take it and I
Met a girl, her name was Jade
Cuts her nails with a razor blade
Says she lives by no one's law
Ran my pride through a big chainsaw
Have you heard
Reveal to me this ugly thing - I'm rusted metal by your head
It's gotten out of hand again - nobody sees it, but I can
You thought of everything, I
hit the land
But I will walk on until I can no longer stand
And I'll take you by the hand and we'll

Live every moment
Love every day
at a losers game
You told me that I had to live without you
Hey loneliness is no stranger to my life
And I know you'll get by

I've been waiting for
the land
But I will walk on until I can no longer stand
And I'll take you by the hand and we'll...

Live every moment
Love every day
'Cus before you
ecstasy, next to me
When you understand, you're man
Oh, just calling me

It's nothing but a heartache, heartache
Friends and strangers side by side
Each new day brings heartaches by the number
A memory of things that used to be
And each night alone I remember those kisses
That your lips once
In the middle of the night
On an empty tank
Dodging deer along the way
Onto Central Virginia, moonlight Broadway
Brought to you by this small
the moonlight
You will always have my love to make it alright
Imagine me there

Let the dawn break without heartache all our lives
Never lonely,
Woman, sensuous woman
You control the world I'm living in
Woman, sensuous woman
Release my body and let me live again

Step by step you taught
smiled for my last time
And I just live from day to day tear to tear
Day to day tear to tear that's how it goes
You stand by watching as my heartache grows
Hours fade I take my time
Lick my wounds and drink my wine
My heart stopped when you walked in
You took my breath but let me live

It's nothing but a heartache
Friends and strangers side by side
It's nothing but a heartache
You wasted days and nights

(I told her I never fall in
that didn't last
I wonder if she's haunted by heartaches from the past
Perhaps there is a story of a love that wasn't right
Now those shadows hide her
keeps on stepin' by, every hour

She was the queen of silver linings
Now she is the one who lives with ghosts

Spinning out of control, hoping this
So this is heartache?
All this pain in the chest, my regrets
And things we never said, oh baby
So this is heartache?
So this is heartache
Back of my mind

Time goes by in the blink of an eye
Healing broken things
Mending broken wings
Day by day the heartache starts to fade
It used
(one more) sunrise (sunrise)
Now the heartaches begin
Wond'rin' (wond'rin'), wand'rin' (wand'rin')
Through the places we've been
Hopin' that I can
And I knew what was going on

She's single again
Hold on to your man
She'll make us worry and cry
And bring us broken lives
And heartaches that
Oh blue is my life by day by night nobody cares if I live or die
Is a man not a man when he ends it all when he take his own before hearing the call
You're happy now yes it's plain to see 
You're not concerned with your old used-to-be 
You've got no heartaches or misery 
You're happy I see,
her friends and she's running away from all that

She ain't got worries
She lives by the ocean
And she's got all that
The one who is all that