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I was drivin home
By the river side
Richard thompson on
And the day so fine
Pennsylvania towns
Sort of slip right by
In a soft line south
By fleeing the White House like a diseased cure, 
Richard Nixon broke the heart of the American Dream"
Old gray fence, tar chip road
Martin's creek, almost home
Whitetail buck by a one lane bridge
Around the bend up on the ridge
There's Thompson's
Written by richard kerr & graham lyle

The last guest has gone

I can tell you're as thankful as I

A good time was had by all

And a little wine

Forty nine reasons all in a line
All of them good ones, all of them lies
Drifting with my lady, we're oldest of friends
Need a little work
He hits his knees
And says God bless Miss Sommersby

Lord it's hard to live alone
And Marianna Thompson
Wants her daddy back at home
And Mr. Nelson
"Then why the hell you with me huh? Why the fuck you with me?
 Whatchu think I need you, you think I need THIS shit?!"

[Chorus: Gina Thompson
on a midnight train
When I left you was the middle of the winter
The ground was covered by a cold cold snow

My heart was young and I was searching but in
lived here you'd be home now 

And to make it
I need to have you here 
I need to have you 
I need to hold you
Barren wasted heart
heart's hard to find
My heart's hard to find

Worn down by strangers
All you need's a friend
You've been worn down by strangers
This is not the end
the living room

Smokin a lot of weed with the Four Tops
Makin collect calls back home to my pops
My little brother said, "Keith - you need to stop!"
And brushed away my fringe
As a signal of well-being
And accepting her challenge

We went home to her place
And cooked up some chili
Warmed us from
And on the outside
I'm trembling like a man away from home
But I can't speak my heart
In case they hear me
Now, no one will listen to our song
I used to think cupid
on the ground!

Hear the drums, Hannibal comes!

Sad to return to find the land we love, threatened once more by Roma's far-reaching grasp

No no no no!
on midnight train
When you left me was the middle of the winter
The ground was covered by a cold cold snow
Your heart was young and you were searching but in
Written by robert maché
Main voice: vicki
Produced by continental drifters & mike mayeux
Released on 'vermilion' (1999)

This heart needs a home
expect to find it when I get home, or else!

[Pharoahe Monch]
Damn it really hurts my heart to remember these (remember these)
Days way back, in
a stranger

Home of the brave
That's where heroes need protection
Media images slaves
Live by random selection
You sell your heart
But that's not
Center Of My Joy
Words and Music by Gloria Gaither, Richard Smallwood

Jesus You're the center of my joy
All that's good and perfect
Comes from
home, let me keep you warm

Stop where you are, look to your heart
Don't be afraid, don't throw love away
Don't get burned by your heart

it's right
By the bed, by the light that you read by

By the time that I get home to say good night
I need to see you again
On the dark side my
Love you more
Still you run away
And â?¦

what makes a man aware of his need
Is it by faith, by words or by deed
For your heart to be broken,
need you by my side

Before you leave me
Come shake my hand
I hope someday you will understand
Home much I need you
How much I loved you from
from the retirement home

Hangin' in the back, dressed in black and actin' moody
Man, the only hip you need's the one connected to your booty
As he kneels by his bedside alone
"Put mommy and daddy together again
And give us a happy home
Please give us a happy home"

Oh, he tries