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I've got this sensitive condition

It's aggrivated by, bars and neon lights

And bedroom eyes all painted up

Fast ladies and slow songs

I feel
cupcakes and puts on her jumper 
Explains that she'll be late to a worrying mother, 
She meets me in Piccadilly. 
A begging folk singer stands tall by
a faded tattoo

Was a tough state trooper 'til a decade back
When that girl who wasn't mama caused his heart attack
He didn't care about us when he was
can do it
That's the beauty, see
A Pakistani Indian
Or a kid from Tennessee

Well you can play that music straight
But mix a synthesizer in
You looked to me and I looked back,
serious as a heart attack, 
plastic cups and dishes stacked and used.
You tell me I drink too much, 
but I
together as a whole race
And don't be fed up by the old days
They try to do us like the indians, killin us like wild beast
And show more love for the chinese
I asked this lady for change,
the bitch almost had a heart attack.
I said ain't this some shit, 
The bitch was as prejudice as prejudice can be.
We go to war like tomahawks and Indians
From the wilderness of our villages
Desert commander live on the gorgeous fortress like the sorceress
To build