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Hear the change coming, coming ablaze V2 
Health threats abound, don’t let em deter 
For the mission is now, no chance to defer 
Think about your
where you want me

World, there’ll be hell to pay

One kiss on a tiny fist 
I’m a tin man dream
Wired incompleteness 
You should know
I’m a global health
and isolate
I eat this rubber chicken
'Cuz there is nothing else
Your nasty rubber chicken
Is a threat to my health
This fucking rubber chicken
I doubt it's
Drugs, knives and violence keeps on
Killing communities, still governments sleep on
We see homeless people everyday but leap on
Mental health under threat
I'm just trying to make ends meet
But that's a one-way street

Take a drink and I feel alright
I just wanna better myself
But I'm a threat to my health
to overly judge myself
Focus on containing insanity

Not be a threat to my own health
Mixing with bad energy
That's a no
I'd rather be in a mode of stealth
off me
Two years of my life were spent in a mental health
I'm a threat to society, then again to my fuckin' self
I'm losin' my fuckin' mind, my veins
a triple threat
Wealth, health, debt
All call me collect
What did you expect
When the shadow people
Coming for collections
Babies got questions
Life is
like a rolling stone
Up and down the hills
It breaks my ass like a window sill
And if I had to do it all by myself
There be a threat to my mental
Straight ganja weed me a produce from d farm
Straight ganja weed
Me a crush out inna me palm
Always a caution dem always a warn
Cause to your health
as the 500
But suddenly something 
Was on the ground.
Oh no!
Longer-term exposure 
Poses a serious threat to health.
Very soon I will become a 
"Flesh Beast".
those who live in darkness
So why it I sun gaze but I'm the a walking, threat
You threat to niggas health
The bodies the wealth
I harness the powers
That i’m a threat to public health
Hurry up before i do it my damn self
So go ahead and shoot me
I’m not scared anymore!!!!
You’ve gotten this far
Let's add another shelf
To the death threats affecting your health
It's not great
It's not fate
You are you
Let's kill hate
And start straight
Oh no wait
auntie, and granny
But now you're a threat to their health
There's no plan B
Besides, slowing your roll, waiting a minute
Other countries did it
the stance you take it's a threat to someone's health
People caught Aids people caught the flu
People caught a lot of shit but the people beat it naturally too
What the fuck do you smell that?
Like someone just shat themselves
Dylan did you shit yourself?
I got balls so big it’s a threat to my
You've been acting like a threat
To your health
To your wealth
To the shit you claim you love
Every day you say you miss us
Yet you always got time for
the word I appointed myself 
Blessings on blessings anointed myself 
All of these rappers annoying myself 
None of them probably a threat to my health
trying wreck my health ayy
I'ma threat myself if it's not perfected I upset myself ayy
It's not correct, correct myself, connect myself
I couldn't fall
chemical rebalancing
Should consider my vascular health
Cause the tempo's under threat by an ever flowing stream of caffeine
Need a little sabbatical from
pills, to escape from myself
And if I'm being honest none of this really helps
If I keep doing this, it's a threat to my health
I keep trying to reduce it
been unkind
The confines of your mind
Got fragile in time
And there's no one to blame but yourself
Persecution complex can be a threat
To Your health
we put inside ourselves
Constant threat upon your health
Drain the swamp and
Ignore the fear
Propaganda come to get you when you feel alone

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