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That's impossible!

How far?

32 kilometers

Shit. HQ this is pilot Quentin Thomas
Accompanied by my first man in charge of infantry William Kai
trains coast by
Carrying parts for rocket ships
The avant-garde astronomists
Sell maps to the star dust and daydreams
All about the dough, never stress, no problem
Can't believe a soul never trust nobody
Get it on your own nigga fuck a co pilot
Get up on the road,
of your tiny minds.

I had a friend on the ships his name was Joe Dorsey,
He'd get into port he'd be straight to the horsies,
He begged and he pleaded,
About my Father up in heaven 
Who you know so well
But let me start off by settin' 
The record straight from the years past
Lettin' all those
rockin' a tomahawk jam
        And still gettin' fly with the mike in my hand
        I'm cold coolin' out, layin in the shade
        Dealers buggin cause
the liveliest coach bless his soul 
Its amazing though to save his ? but
To see he saved that color mike rock got the range had it flickin' last summer
to steal it
So I had to reveal it , through provin' their eye
Am I startin' (chinin') fly
N by just blinkin' my eye
In a flash I flush out the face,
confronted by nay creatures as you explore the moon's surface 
 What will you say to them?
Welcome Me Love, I know you don't know me, 
Take my hand there's
When I was leavin' the bay
I saw three ships a-sailin'
They were all heading my way
I asked the captain what his name was
And how come he didn't
and toolies
Mike Jackson, kick me, kike me, Jew me
Now all the white chicks in the world got booties
He rap by popular demand
And a nigga nosey on some Toucan
Like Mike my spikes they all white
Twenty fo' carat gold, baby carats worth of ice
Ice insured, fuck life insurance
I live for the moment
my DNA, you see it started with my pops
In his hayday he probably put your Father in a box
In my hayday, I probably put the product in my sock
And chew MCs up like Mike & Ikes
When I recite they like two flips
I sink MCs like ships
With my nocturnal vibes, mandatory eclipse
There's no
lookin' fizzle
Little hash in the middle, where it at? In the middle, yup
Mommy if you got a fat ass, make it jiggle, yup
Put it in my next video shot by
two for the show
You got my beat, now here I go
You see, this DJ, he gets down
Mixing records while they go round
With the hiddip, the hop, ya just

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