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your year's gonna come
You didn't live by the pipe or the gun to be like me
Waitin for my turn to burn
and get a million-five, and a tax return
that be
And your mission location is Uganda
Uganda? Cool, where is that?


Oh boy, like Lion King

Two by two
And now it's time to go
mother lied, sound familiar?
It's the fucking Lion King
You stole from a Disney movie, you androgynous douche, what's next
The story of a French king
deadly than the first, unrehearsed raw footage
Part 2 for you, I give this dedication, project elimination
He's a burnt offering, nothing up my sleeve
raw footage
Part 2 for you, I give this dedication, project elimination
He's a burnt offering, nothing up my sleeve
I'm just vanishing with
Wiggie, you annoyed man, when the year change, we change
N****, we right here, we can go bank for bank
We can go clip for clip, n****, chain for chain
Max a golden butcher 
Last catapult standin' in a land of coke and hookers 
King cotton common, no problem for brick shawl lows, sock puppets
a f***ing clue what you was missing
I'd zone out with my headphones, all I remember doing's wishing
For shoes, f*** them stupid Pumas b****, it's all about
care, don't have two s***s to give
Let me take you by the hand to promise land
And threaten everyone, cause there's no rhyme or no reason for nothing
gon' rule like me
Keep it true like me, Cole you might be
Like the new Ice Cube, meets the new Ice-T
Meets 2 Live Crew, meets the new Spike Lee
such a lot of money
Would be funny
Oh, I wish I could be like you
Rikky rock'n' roller

Today a new jet plane
Tonight it's a new hotel
You live in
the f*** I get clapped

Black was in the Jeep watchin all these scenes speed by
It was a brown Datsun, and yo nobody in my hood got one
That clown
The misdemeanor catcher comin back at cha
for the long ride, as we return to the wrongside

[El Da Sensai]
Out to burn, rackin paints by the sack to provide
sentenced to thirty-two, quite quality 
Allah rules, he should of listened to his jewels 

Young thugs don't live long 
Life is a game of chess, and you
I still exist"
So he closed his eyes and I traveled back home

Back to my world, home I return :
And the birds cry out "The old king has died"
ridin' by
And say hi to plenty liquors and I know it's a sin
And if ya tell me stop drinking I'll just do it again
So when I get old I'ma rock, roll,
You get a three minute glimpse of the icon
Your best rapper two-steppin to my song
When he don't know, he ask I write for him
Jersey lights, that's
I know we grew apart, you probably don't remember
I used to fiend for your sister, but never went up in her
And I can see us after school, we'd
He's Mister local celebrity, addicted to move a key
Most hated by enemy, escape in the luxury
See, first you was our n**** but you made it, so
in time, you'll see the line

The line that's drawn between the good and the bad
See the blind man, he's shooting at the world
The bullets flying,
Mack elevens and M-16's
High caliber, so why try it?
You live by it, so you die by it
A muthafuckin' gun...

Who's the man with the strap in his
Maybe too lyrical for 'em
The Lord gave me a choice to either be king or give all Hell
I chose the latter like a fireman climbin' up to a charred rail
You're tryin' to make a move for
I'ma prove you're ridiculous
I think he was jealous and in the mood for an ass-kickin'
When you mess with,
di white man ? for di Columbiana
?, man
Let me know that you understand

[ D Dot of 2 Kings in a Cypher ]
Yo check it, straight out the [edited]
To all the players who made this possible
Thank you very much yeah, the check's in the mail

To Kelly Vargas for steppin' in there, makin' it