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(Bill Gaither - Gloria Gaither - Charley Millhoff)
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The market place is empty no more traffic in
Young Abe Lincoln wasn't young no more,
Tired old man when he won the war,
And he dreamed at night of his death by 

And he saw his body in a ghastly
He was just and old country doctor in a small Georgia town
Fame and fortune had passed him by but we never saw him frown
As day by day in his kindly
me dead in the face
I bought his wares in stead of grace
Bought a bill of sale instead of grace

He's got more faces than the cards you drew
He was just an old country doctor 
In a little Kentucky town
Fame and fortune had passed him by
But we never saw him frown
As day by day in his
of tyrants and violence,
I'm flossing my diamonds, by the grace of Capo, in he mist of the hood, and it should be all good,
But murders go down, you know they
me there 
Take me there
Take me there

Tell me have you ever seen a 
Brother so weighted you can tell by his demeanor
That he's really
Oh oh oh

But I'm here by grace

Oh oh oh

Through Christ by faith

Oh oh oh

I had to make that choice, I had to open up my mouth and say
cast my own stones
Oh oh oh

I'm the man in the mirror y'all
Oh oh oh
I can see my wall
Oh oh oh
But I'm here by grace
Oh oh oh
Through Christ by faith
claim bill
Counterfeit outfits
I'm Gepetto with the strings
Wooden kids will breathe
La vie is a dream of a lucid
Rod angle catch your life by
police informants 
Stood like he modeled the latest fashions, sidewalk sideshow 
He raised the pull of grace, a razor blew his face
And he says, "Here's a hundred dollars, boy"
Pulls the bill off from his wad
And he starts to hand it over
Like a gift come straight from God

I say,
Just like Pauline you all-in

Brace yourself, I'm the ace with grace
I'ma win the race and make you feel disgrace
In any case, yo, I'm
this service I suspect
Is less done by goodwill
Than by the fear that they should miss
A final chance to bill

So I've decided to leave this world
Fuck this world, that's why we carry on
By the Email Fidel, tell him meet me on the D.L.
No longer a free world, think of shank or Verra'
the stressin
The aggression, the look of no hope on me and my niggaz faces
Like the lord overlooked us when he handed down his graces
You see embraces, fall
Homeboys conceal your weapons
Cuz ain't gon be no smoking section in heaven
No more be buckin your luck
Seven eleven on the first roll
Being guided by spirit and intuition
Could you imagine this vision this boy had to bear?
Trying to tear apart the chains
But it was all in vain, he