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ev'ry star
Red, white and blue
Hats off to you
Honest, you're a grand old flag

You're a grand old flag
You're a high-flying flag
And forever in
heard it sound so sweet since then

Now his feet begin to tap
A little boy says I'll take your hat
He's caught up in the magic of her smile
And leap
flags, and quite often they're the drags
Kick the ball into the goal, they put it back.

Yes Match of the Day's
The only way, to spend your Saturday
Mary Mary 83
Wiped the mess off my eyes with her apron strings
Portraits painted hastily
Don't tell nothin bout the heart
Repression in a saint's
to the court like, "Bitch I did that"
Ain't no black power when your baby killed by a coward
I can't even keep the peace, don't you fuck with one of ours
In top hats and tails

Fly away, little bird
Fly away, flap your wings
Fly by night
Like the early Roman kings

All the early Roman kings
What you expected?  
101 ventura, 818 , Winnetka exit

The Golden State line, where fake guys get bit by the snake eyes
Spittin venomous, sudden
pumps poisonous blood, your choice, the slugs
You do dirt in the rain, than your name is mud
Major love to thugs in the back of the clubs
Strapped for
strings for theme music. 

I'll show you which culture to pump your fist at and what foot is right to kiss. 
We don't know who the culprit is yet...but
to do a body shot off a string bikini
We call that a hillbilly martini
All aboard we're cutting loose
So come on jump on
The booze cruise

a walking shadow at the show
Sending shivers down your spine like a deep dark winter snow

I'd like to talk imaginary value, and profiteering off false
Still fuckin' the street with Kutt and Kali, baby ain't nothin change (STRANGE!)
A drive for no paper work, organize drive-by's and your neighbor
quit having your fit

We'll go out on the prairie and ride

Ol Snake finally settled and hung his old head

The parson stepped down off his back

and the floor is lava
Killjoy if your core more Norman Rockwell
Born home sick for an invisible address
Bat shit, bumble and bat around catnip
One black heart
it be?"

"A martini and Rossi, Asi Spumante
By the way is that your Caadillac Allante
Parked outside right next to my Monte
Car? You can call it, my
still bang parliament
Hit the store by the park, when I'm parched for them parliaments
Park the bands off Arlington
Spark the flint, right before I
psalms I'm spiritual when I'm lyrical
This is for my soldier niggas looking in the mirror who
Sitting home scratching off serials eating cereal
The way we
for a table-top dance
She took off her g-string and shook her ass
Baby, all that?  You got to work harder!
Do some backflips to make me harder!
So I
[Kurupt (Bad Azz)]
Yo what's up? (Aiyyo, what's up Kurupt)
A nigga feel so low that I can't come up
Dippin down the 101 blazin smoke
A trunk full
kids for leathers
What drug? Faculties bubble keys for G's
Cream flow like seven seas, hit chicks Guyanese
Word up, hold your head before you fall out
like that
And then ducks beneath the brim of a fugitive's hat
You'll learn why liquor makes a stool pigeon rat on every face
That ever left a shadow down
just could not break the string of bad luck 
A day where Murphy's law takes over your life 
And you just can't seem to do a darn thing right 
And when
just could not break the string of bad luck 
A day where Murphy's law takes over your life 
And you just can't seem to do a darn thing right 
And when
your room? What?! I can't hear ya' Coy! Quit revvin' it up, son! Turn it off! Listen I just want you to know one thing. You have embarrassed us all,
runnin' outta time
And I'm about to make 'em choke
Better turn your stereo louder, listen up and let me preach
Let's get arrested for Disturbin' the Peace!

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