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Being in my video, what's that gonna do for your life?
Get you some pussy? You should be gettin rump off GP
Quit that you look like you say I seen you
prison quinton or rikers
Quick to three, strike us they don't like us
Plant and I pivot with my life and I live it righteous

You got some small papers you
I'm 'bout to do my thing to shine. 
Said everybody

It's not luck that I'm sittin' here 
Spittin' for y'all.
Preeld in by
like that sometimes man ridiculous
Life can be sometimes ridiculous, huh!

Huh, I am so outrageous
I wear my pride on my sleeve like a bracelet
The video is directed by Benny and Chris
Treat a pager like a website with plenty of hits
I tell 'em this, you gotta be at least a dime for a piece of mind
please nigga
Here we go - Just Blaze!

To all my niggas on the porch gettin they hair braided
Cornrowed by a L.A. bitch
And I can't forget, my niggas ridin
Music has past gone by hopefully you don't manifest
For the wrong guy Egomaniac, in the Brainiac
Don't know how to act, shits deep
Forty eight tracks
to act
Shits deep
48 tracks
Studio gangsta mack
Sign a deal emcees want to make a mill
But never will
Till he crosses over still
Feeling no hate
gets pushed by Sony
I'm in the middle like monie
And the press say that
My own people disowned me
And the best way back
Is to keep your head
singles on the radio
Chino never had the doe, I was determined though
Sabotaged at birth, cursed by an evil angel to strangle
My aspirations from every
I got props and pissed on

I was dissed by the system but I still tried to get on
No one could tell me that my style was unhealthy
I never
the frame, while you hump the sheets
And I know ya'll niggas hate, and can't wait til I'm gone
That's why I keep drivin' on by, tootin' my horn
my gun in nine months 'bout to give birth right now
Run all up in a nigga hood and take his turf right now
Nothing's what your life is worth right
They just use me to watch the baby when they run they errands
My name is ___ I got a friend named Karen
She gave me your CD with the track for
Because my woman is fine as wine
And she goes by the name of Louis Line
But she didn't come here with me this time
I'm feeling real sad, but not that bad

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