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Cause hey
We're the brews
Sportin' anti swastika tattoos
Oi oi we're the boys
The orthodox, hasidic, o.g. ois

Orthopedic Dr. Martens good
And now it's kosher, shit is so Hasidic
I blow a digit on a diamond in a minute but no bitches
Watch how I'm walking cause even the thoroughest niggas be
the dough hit it
And told me that the Mo' did it
And now it's Kosher, shit is so Hasidic
I blow a digit on the diamond at San Tropé visits
And won't miss
Valley versus ills in the south central will shops
Saudi's versus Persians, Hasidic temples poppin' 7th fly to
Santa Monica helicopters and Compton KJazz
high with you then start dry snitching like Jose Canseco
Prosecco, I'm sipping vino with a vivid hue
Haberdasher rocking Borsalinos like Hasidic Jews
I didn't invite no black, white-hippie, hardcore
The rich, Hasidic Jews, reds, white-bastard mothers, ya know, ya know
You think you're something
(intro:g) g-f-d-see-g

River euphrates
Is longer than you
A wandering drag queen
A hasidic jew

River euphrates
At hollywood and vine
That's my flavor, experimental behavior ?by scientist? 
Got props from Brooklyn Hasidic Jews to Queens Zionists 
The Manhattan/New Jersualem type
to the curb like dog shit
I'm not in it for the gimmicks, satisfying critics
I just want my own like the Hasidics
Mine on the sidelines, MC's Hail Mary
But I be
Prayin' to Our Lady of the Bronx
Out on Decatur a crowd has gathered round
A Hasidic hangin' on a cross
On his knees down in the gutter
Fifth floor, Lorimer apartment above the warehouse
The Hasidic landlord checks on the rent ???
Neon lights shining off of the bodega
It's been

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