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Can't stop self harming….. Hey !!
Can't stop self harming….. Hey !!
Can't stop self harming us...
Can't stop self harming….. Hey !!
My arms can carry
I been wanting things that wrong for me (Like I been, I been)
I been wanting things that’s harming me (Like I been, I been)
I been manifesting things
try your best to make
Approach this with the wrong intentions
Your mind on your money's got you acting apprehensive

You think it's harming me? I think
Call me the king
With a crown and a ring
You better bow down
To the throne...
Armed to the teeth
Ain't harming me
These bombs get blown
Prince harm... prince harming
My heart as your crown
Hurt me without a warning
Left me burned down to pieces alone
In the morning light
Met you I was
Yuh yuh
Harming me
Heart deceased
Off the drugs
What is love
Yuh yuh
Harming me
Heart deceased
detached limbs
Just like mouth that kills the truth
Even eyes lie to me too

Softly harming, oddly pleasant
That's what you like, that's what you are
I drink to feel the buzz
Self-harming just because
It feels good to be outside
I drink to feel the buzz
There's syrup in my blood
It feels good
I can feel the harmony
I'm only chillin with the people never harming me
I'm sittin' back in my chair
Smoke a blunt, I don't care
I tell a vet
Niggas talk a lot about me but they aint harming me
Talking bout what he gonna do a nigga aint gon start wit me
Carryin this big bag I feel like
You were supposed to be the man with the halo
What the fuck happened
Where'd he go
You promised
You promised you'd protect me
My guardian's harming
girl starring in my nightmares
Every night I fall asleep
I gave you a part of me
And now it’s hard to breathe
You’re harming me
These drugs are harming
Take away anxiety 
I don't need a machine
You're harming me

Won't you take away
My anxiety
It's only killing me
Why must it slowly
It's paralysing
Strumming these bitches like a guitar pic
Hate it when I'm gon but she love it when I'm harming
I could show you what the drugs do
Could you show me love
harming our lives?
Crossing borders of pain
We align
Our voices of darkness unite
Our ghosts inside
Into unknown
Our heavy
a thing
And I’m harming my organs
I had to much to drink
I was polished beforehand
Now I’m just a stain
Forgotten and left alone
I’m as lonely as It seems
shacked up with
I only end up harming
I keep on running back
To the arms of my favourite barman
Sorry 'bout this girl
But I ain't your Prince Charming
stay afloat, instead I'm drowning 
I wanna fly away, instead I'm falling 
I wanna save myself, instead I'm harming 
I can't control myself, someone stop
The ones in your vids that are starrin
Tell 'em back away issa warnin
Or else I'm harming, I'm harmin

See us flexin' up in Knightsbridge
Not just Harrods,
harming me

Water can fall through the sky
Drip drop. Drip drop
We can burn through all of my time
Tick tock. Tick tock

I don't know what's going on with
Well I need you in my life
But we do so often fight
Well I need you over here
Cause it's for you that I care

My heroin girl
Is harming me
Now I can
someone else
Your mistakes are your own doom
Your poison
Make the right choices in your life
Without harming no one else
If you think you’re good enough
Be quiet cuz your shades not harming me 
Big tito all the baddies hoes honoring 
Delete the fame i dont care dont bother me 
I just came for your
on like a duel, sword swanging
Lyrics precise and they meant for harming
Hate bounces off of me like I’m an awning
Don’t expect me because I seem charming

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