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it's all in your name

This act of god

Honesty's heresy in this holy war
Contradiction and affliction hardening my heart
My heart

Quickening of the Elder
Knowledge of the Otherside
Deepweed sets emotion
Hardening of the Warrior
The burning
That will never die
a cloudless day
Believers of the rise and set of the moon darkened twilight into night

Hardening claws of cold tell me we are closer to colder times
feel the heat 
A hardening pulse Is oh so sweet
The blindfold slips down 
To your mouth 
You taste the flesh it makes no sound
The blade it skins
Sub-standard existence is lost
Hardening, a warrior is born
Seven pillars of wisdom

You are fallen heroes
You fallen angels
You are fallen traitors
Tension and a hardening

Thunder and the lightning
And I've grown the singer who wrote that song.
And I could feet the whole world turn round
and those who may live in fear

Power for the people
Power for the people
Power for the people

Hardening crimes is a part of the times nd it's rough for some
sonny, not too close
Unless you want a lethal dose
Of hardening..."
Patiently waiting for some shade

Wishing he could run away
Supressing any urge
or know,
Pre-embalming purge, and rotting pigmentation,
extra firming fluids, and hardening compounds,
nasal aspiration.
death kicks off it's swan song

Don't throw away the years He gives you
By hardening your heart within you
And if you cut off both your own legs
Tell me Jesus, are you angry?
One more sheep has just gone astray
A hardening of hearts turning to stone
Wandering off so far from home

So many
into me
Hardening this severed cord
You can't see through me
Like you did before
Like you did before

Keep on bleeding me with your lies
It's making me
it, losing it, losing it)

And you, Jack of Diamonds maybe
But the Ace ever me
With each turn of the card
Ever hardening heart

Me, smiling one
After the lips are sealed below your waste
You will never fuck again!

My scalpel gleams, my attention cast aside
Hardening arteries begging
want for nothing more
In my garden
Start again
In my hardening to every heart but one

Meet me in the garden of Eden
Bring a friend
We are going
and ideas that laziness will corrupt in the end.
Bones of dust need hardening. I think the prescription is found.

Sleep on.
In your mind, you
I can't afford it
Shake hardening like a fire

Too many body swerves and lose control
I wonder, am I right or am I gettin' old?
My eyes have
don't think I ever combed my hair
Is this our story
Is this where the loving starts
In the stillness
The staring, the hardening of hearts
We're a strange
seek to find vacancy
With your withered heart
She lives for the hunt man
And you are the kill
Now feel that venom spread
It hardening your arteries
thought my cement was hardening but I was standing in cookie dough. I baked a dozen so I'd have something to throw! (Bonnel)
doesn't matter to him
He took away my AAA pass
I am invisible to him

And now I feel the soft, pink flesh of my heart hardening
To the countless
to solution

We have all been so wrong
Conditioned to accept and approve of substandard
Communication and behavior
Reason is clouding
Hearts are hardening
with misdemeanors and we'll make a business out of them
And we can find out the information
Access all the applications 
That are hardening positions
a thousand of the times 
We could've changed
But we spent it in place

Give me ataraxia

The air is hardening around us 
And it's making me shake

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