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3, 2, 1, I'm that son of a gun, but one who has
The fun by the kilo and the ton. Like Marv
Albert but worse, I got the curse, got
Perverse with
Money makes the rules we have to live by.

A home is just a place they send the bills.

God knows why we work and what we pray for.

So He's building me
and man, nuh mingle wid nuh Rodman
And if yuh dis di program, yuh is a dead man
Either by a shot or yuh hang
Jah, Jah ranks pass mi m-I

Well, fi live
bloodstained arena
You may not wish to live by my rules
But I'll be there when you're thrown

Don't try to leave my bloodstained arena
You may get lost in
Ask me, I'm fine or I will be
I got a bullet-proof vest on and the cure for AIDS
And a pill that makes me happy

Ask me, I'm fine or I will be
surprisin' me
Turned out
They happy just to be in the house
So I'm a call emout
I ain't no church mouse

I master rap
Write a 16 and half
the place you buy your jewelry from
Funeral fab, I'm just here to bury them

Reporting live from the beacon
Booth tired from the beatin'
Had foreplay all
of doctors and statesmen who've planned their sorry lives to the last days end. 
But look at all the happy things that happen by accident.
It's hard
to fall in love

One by one I take the bitter pills, they're hard to swallow.
I go? Round and round my head is spinning out of control
I will know by
Certainly Rocca in his stinkin' uniform
Settles matters with Chianti, sitting in La Scala
Scrawling on a piece of the wall, stresses it word by word
the way that they live
All these rappers say they got guns that spray of 16
I got a Luke 9 that can take all 16
That's the Bible, the one they call
But they
the hot blood flowing

Excitement and thrills
Will put off the ills
Radical frills
Docility pills
New wave, splash in the pan
Real music by dildo dan
these rappers by their fates
And throwing their destinies out into that lake
And as the earth shakes, and as the snakes eat
I found my birth place
she'll know how lonely it can be

Now was it really worth the pain? A couple pills make her feel sane
While she lives out the story written for the part
All my exes live in Texas like I'm George Strait
Or they go to Georgia State where
Tuition is handled by some random nigga that live in Atlanta
that people wouldn't trade"
Trade for nothing, I did though, I had to chase it
Face it, I wasn’t born to live a life basic
They say, "you turned your
and glazed to threaten us
With purpose in their lives

Ah... Ah...
Ha Ha Ha
We drug their snacks at work
Mix hormones in kids lunch at school
Don't be a pill
daily happy pill
I'll make you feel okay
I'm that special satin dress 
That comes from Paris, France,
I'm your throbbing sex-aid toy that simulates
trying to live lavage
I'm sick of living life broke on the edge, and trying to manage
You got my brother in the Penn, for three with a L
You happy thinking

Overwhelmed by my playboy charms 
We jumped in the ride rushed to the crib 
I ain't gotta explain what we did 
Built to last I simply waxed
room to breathe 
Surrounded by murderous felons  drinks and bags of weed 
I swing at ya and get fly with the M-I 
I'm automatic trample in your static
Lincoln continental
I'm the mouth that roared swore to the lord
The eye of hawk both live and die by the sword
The forbidden the six man be sinnin'
And get mental
Pop the track eight track lincoln contniental
I'm the mouth that roared
Swore to the Lord

The eye of hawk
Both live and die by
the phasers on kill
'cause the millions that haunt it ain't offered the same pills
My chemical happy squad operate with freedom fighters
Eye of the tiger pride
You understand?
"When I get to heaven, I'll see my grandmother there
She'll say 'Great God almighty, here come my child! He must've got here by

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