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Could you imagine the things that happend
Know that you lying, know that you acting
Wasting all my time now, I just can't have it
Can you just be
like it never happen'd 
No way, no way, no way
You said that you'll be there for me but you wasn't
You walked out of my life
Now you wanna talk like it
see how Im missing you.. 

Waqas : 
What happend to the Ummah once known so well? 


You used to inspire others with your way
I wonder if I go or stay
I wonder if I'm sure... okey
Will I be happy or sad?
I don't wanna feel bad
Baby! ... It's happend today
I wonder if I go
i dont know where i am
or how i ended up here
and it happends to me
everytime you're near

i try to move my hand
but i'm frozen in your eyes
i have
What happend with the skaters
That used to ride all day long
Looking like a Simple Plan
Music video
What happend to the punk-rock shows
That used
happens slowly the body is responding
Everythings' not wake up before I came
Everything happens slowly the heart is imprisoned
Changes not happend before I
I left over and got it hurted
And my body could not be take it
I tried to forget what just happend
And my body could not be take it


Don’t break my heart or you’ll change me
I have feelings too so don’t you hurt me
If it happend it’s meant to be
Love it’s a toxic candy
Don’t break
Words are weapons 
Another Day, what happen'd?
Save me my father 
Save me my mother

We are blaming each other
Words are weapons 
Another Day won't happen
to feel your arms around me.
Whispring many gentle words I never heart before!

Ay, ay, ay, oh señor, what happend yesterday?
Ay, ay, ay, oh señor, all my

Yeah! It's all the same old stuff
They think it's good enough
It works, and nobody got hurt
It happends every time
Like anybody minds
Oh Oh
I think I'm in deep shit now
Oh Oh
Should I be happy for this?
What has happend?
Three steps
and I'll forget everything
happend in between us
what tore the two of us apart

The clock is ticking and I know that you
will have to leave
you leave me naked all alone
I know that
And now I can’t stop this attraction
Feels like Gravity’s happend
I can not pull my arms away from you
You got the juice now
You got the juice now
inside my
Cant blame for
What just happend
Show no love that
I'll get you killed
Cant get to close baby
Love is a
Show no love that
For you to hold me down
Never happend all too often
When you were around

When we were in love

You got one final try 
To feel good about us
If it's
happend you know?
I know that they happend and they were wonderful but they were also very irresponsible 

Okay okay okay 
I really don't know how to play
it up
Sold Shit
I was with a group but I split like Kelly Rowland 
That's what usually happend when you know that you are chosen 
That's what usually
Living appart's dying once again
You're locked up I'm locked too - cuz

Nothing ever happend
Nothing ever happend
Nothing ever happend
Before You

your with somebody
And I'm just out here singing
It's your birthday party
And I don't know what happend (No)
Cause you're with somebody
And I'm just out
like chats that gon end real quick
Never paid attention cos i'm running with the bag
Words shot towords me they bounce like balls
Shit happends faster
gonna get it
Can't you see,
You never gonna get there
Don't insist,
You never gonna get her
You will see,
It only happends in your dreams

She flaying
and you know that it happend too many times
and it's time that i realize
i am better off alone x 2

better off alon......

i'm living you now
i want you

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