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the hip-hop's pumping through the blood in my veins 
Like a junkie, fucking with 'ron and cocaine 
Slay you both down, better hold down or get clowned 
yeah, you worked with it and rose
From nothing to a dozen and a gardener that grows
Tell 'em!

Courage under fire, gave me a brave heart (That's me
with their mouths full of silver spoons
Got a paper full of yellow journalism
A restaurant waiter selling me words of wisdom
The small town crier is
[Chorus: x 2]
People like myself, only hang with self cause that's the way to go
I can't go outside without findin some new kinfolks
People on my
what more can i say/ you want to hang wit us ridin/ you'll be hiding while we're gliding/ flying by and shit/ you better quite trying/ before you and all
cast spells similar to Merlin 
Mic surgeon, hang like Dr. J. Erving 
Splurg inner city like uncensored version 
Mergin with the fast lane, stained
My darkest hour, was pitch black
rain clouds in the sky, could only see when the lightning strikes
withered flowers, hang with their heads down
versions of Feeding of the 5000
By jerks whose only fuck off to the system has been one off the wrist?
It's the Feeding of the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.