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seriously, it's been a while since we dropped one
But it's out now, go buy the album
If you bought the last one you know it was krush
But if you didn't man,
The revolution is capitolized
Can't beat you over the head besides
What would that accomplish
Let's see who lives the longest
camera, that shit be throwin' me off
You ready?
Start it off
(You go)
You ain't gotta leave out, it's just I know I'm on film ya heard me?
So it fuck
our lot, we ourselves must be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we will live forever, or die by suicide.

(Abraham Lincoln, address
of Jeff Thor
To death do us all, the sets I recall, til we rest in the morgue
From the pilgrimage of Larry Huger, to the tribes of Judah
We live our
I saw this pair of shoes that was really live
It wasn't just a pair of shoes, that was on her
From the ground up, she looked like a plate of lasagna
live and direct without further adieu
I bring to you Redman one more time
This is Jeff Stewart and you know how I do it god damn!

So who's that
punished we fuckin' bitches by the 100's
Why me? want to fight me? Try me
Why these people don't know me don't like me
Society, they want to see me dead I
It seems everywhere we go a black cloud's floatin' by/ our destiny is 
doom/ but i don't ask why/ one thing i do know is my niggas on my team
you came you were a little, actually no
(Aight, just let him do his thing)

Lots of anger
Yo, check it, you know I rap over my own beats,

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