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Hello? hello?
Calling a Karl Projektorinski
To the front of the cathedral
You have won, dear sir
May I congratulate you first?
Oh, what an honor
of the week
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
But we got no room if you ain't gonna be chic

Sell your holy habitats
This ship's been deserted by
By the cathedral into the sun
The pilgrims are singing
Their journey done
I look at my short life
And think of all the champagne
That I drink
was no one there he had missed 

And passing by a village square 
He heard a brass quartet 
Whose christmas concerto in the key of g 
He felt
Till it's masked by misery
When the doctor shakes his head and look forlorn
(You know what?)
Jesus comes to make my bedside
A cathedral of faith
By the cathedral
Into the sun
Pilgrims are singing
Their journey done
I look at my short life and think
Of all the champagne that I drink
a little hand-holdin', hay-rollin'
Strollin' with your honey by your side
Dixie cups and paper plates
Fiddle tunes and Amazin' Grace
Hallelujah, gonna
gonna rap
Downtown, walk around
Looking at the world go by
Got the cash, want to buy crack
In the end it's all a lie
And hang our doubts up in cathedrals 
So that they turn to faith in the colored sun

'Red rain, red rain'
We'll make as we're backing out in
sleep for a couple minutes more

I said I'm sorry to maria for all the cold hearted things that I 

have done

I said I'm sorry by now at least once
I've known beauty in the stillness of cathedrals in the day,
I've sung 'Glory Hallelujah' won't wash my sins away?
But now I'm singing my refrain
that sweet cleaning girl, folds white flags in Hallelujah Square
She can't remember where she's been, one day I'm gonna join her there
Unpack my
Gerais (the state where Max was born)
As catedrais - the cathedrals
Pelourinho - famous old slave square in Salvador
Aleijadinho - crippled sculptor