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All the ways I love
The sages that move mountains
I must bask in awe

Haiku, Haiku
Haiku, Haiku

When the day is short
Bourgeois and biblical
Hanging on nails
Mad metallic icons
The old cyclone still compels
Your hoity haiku lip curls
The onion papers drain
was nice
But when you shoot your mouth off expect to pay the price

She's a tangerine
Made in California
She's a soul fillet
Just a little haiku
It's just like me
To say to you
Love me do
And I'll be true
And what I'd like
For you to say
Is you'll come home
To me each day

Haiku be my
hard to believe that one man
Could have a ponytail this sensitive and
Distract an aggressive hawk that's cornered you

I know my haiku's are freaking
When you comfort me
It doesn't bring me comfort actually
When you comfort me

True life in haiku
"Imbalance" is the phrase out of the blue

Florida to Florida, by the way of America
Cocaine and soda, playing Tetris in our underwear
We take turns reading letters, I read the haiku
And they come high
Come low
Come fast
Come slow
But got no range like us
If you put Haiku D'Etat
Versus the ra-ra
Them can't hang with us
With six hits of sunshine 
The lights will blind up with blues in haiku 
The shadow has a dream 
Where painters look to sea 
The colors burn out
angels dancing on the road
Like a subterranean jazz club that
Never had to close
Vanity and visions in a blues haiku
Left me howling
The bohemian cowboy
is her way, she Passe Messiah
She Haiku Zen with her style Kyoshi Meisetso
She fire fly in the dark, she make like a Geru

field around you
Paint glass metal
Kiss kiss a pedal
Magic car haiku
But I like it like this
Chinese masseuse, comes between us
Talks in haiku's, plastic Venus.
Got a head rush, in her pocket
Two rubbers two lubes, and a silver rocket
Je n'ai jamais mangé de pyjama aussi doux que le tien
45 Tours
Le cœur est un 45 tours rayé
Où seulement les deux pieds du batteur
Ont pu
remember where he parked his car 
Or to whom he lost the keys 
Full of angst and hillbilly haiku 
What's a poor Ft. Worth boy to do 
Go on rhyme
Teriyaki, Wang Chung, Chop suey, Goo goo gjoob, Tofu, Haiku, Fubu, Fu man cho, Kajagoogoo, Kung Fu, Vera Wang, Honda, Yoda, Abe Vigoda, Toshiba, Sega, Kama
wingman do it
Money how I talk, bitch, I speak fluent
Smokin' on stank, smell like a sewer
How was you feeling vro? Bitch, like the four

Like haiku, I
I got the cash to cover the action
I got the soul food
There's a flag I wanna fly
A mountain that I put in time
I was always on my way
is not a fantasy
A haiku written in Japanese
A word too often used but not believed
Witness the interaction of
The flood, the sea, the sky,
would write you
Happy seventeen, I saw us two and you saw three
I guess our lines are structured like a haiku

You got me shot down by love
And you
But there's a haiku poem inside my head
And the words are written in invisible ink
And now the world is changing and I can barely keep up
Cause what
I'm nausesous, or maybe just inspired
So truthful, I begin to tire,
No less then everything.
No haiku, no paper packaged thing,
Patronized you
I'm nauseous, or maybe just inspired
So truthful, I begin to tire,
No less then everything.
No haiku, no paper packaged thing,
Patronized you
up and cut it up until we gotta shut up

Chorus (x2):
Haiku De Tat, make my music for the people who want to get down

Abstract Rude:
It ain't a lunch

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