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Barring divine intervention

I count wire guided sheep
Each one an exploding bob
In habitat peopled by the inalienable dreamless
Souls of damnation in their own reality

Chaos rampant in age of distrust
Confrontations impulsive habitat

Bastard sons beget your canting daughters
grow old with me

All is right
All is right
Everything's clearer now
Everything's fine
All is right

You'll do fine with your skills in our habitat
and a habitat?
How can we ask for a place.
We can't imagine it.
How can we ask for the brightest cities overnight?

Please pick (select) a color for your
Souls of Damnation in their own reality.

Chaos rampant,
An age of distrust.
Impulsive habitat.

Bastard sons beget your cunting
I am the can that holds dirty water this time

Luck will hit the habitat
Luck will hit the habitat
Mice scratching at the walls in your head
Scratching its claws all over my
Giving no love and getting fat
Oh, (oh oh) you can get lonely
And a cat's no help with that

I want a dog,
little gnat / Who's the boss man? Surely ain't dat white man  Dis is Hippolyte's habitat / Creole Qui moun' qui, patron la  see' pa blanc la ce moin'  Qui
He was born with horns and a crooked spine
To plague the sacred and divine

into another burning hell
Falls an angel from the sky
Cursed from birth
Habitats de-evolve a mutant parody
Our hands are hammers the earthen anvil
All life in between disinterred and destroyed

You looked into the eyes
Settled in a settlement
A calm man's habitat
Interesting development
Her body for a handbag
Mouth like a pelican
Draft up the relevance
and a palezoologist's nightmare
Symmetrical physique of disbelief

The platypus has the brain of a dolphin
and can be seen driving a forklift in his habitat of kelp
endless struggle to find

You can be so bold to let your expression show
While I'm content with habitat
Or will seasons bleed migration

This is my
Unhappy almost all her life
The pain is sharper with a dull-edged knife
And the rust will lock you in

The highway is her habitat
She wouldn't
A nuclear accident
Vomits into the ocean
An island of garbage
Forged by the discarded
The constant trawling
Modifying habitats
What the fuck
of the week
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
But we got no room if you ain't gonna be chic

Sell your holy habitats
This ship's been deserted by
tropical fish in habitat aquaria.

Mad as hell but afraid to speak,
Our thin red line is a yellow streak.
Eager to please - keep your backs to the plough.
the wild lands to sustain.
Fighting to save the animals. Their freedom is our peace.
For their habitats
Preservation, for the violence against them to cease.
everything in the ground
We live vertical lives
Who wants to be flat in this habitat
We live vertical lives

The last building I saw
Was a thousand
0h3  0
       repeat riff

  D   Am  G/B   Cadd9   3 times

    Dsus2                 Dsus2
Habitats and bile are the last to know
Why am I asleep
Everything around is so unreal
Double truth and half lies
Drowning in a workshop full of habitat won't
you see the creature in his natural habitat
Can't take away his money 'cause he's got too much of that
Future boys, we'll be future boys

Wall to wall vermin piss points floating
In these city shells hovel hotels grovel
Habits in bedsit habitats
It's cowdung Disneyland
Tip toe ting-a-ling
paint with
I am the can that holds dirty water this time

Luck will hit the habitat
Luck will hit the habitat

Mice scratching at the walls in your head
about a little thing

The rhyme is losing to the riddling
Where's the turn?
I don't want a home
I go into habits where my habits have a habitat