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Guttural Secrete  


furrowed and my vision is blurred

And how I do love London
And how I do love London

The birds make guttural sounds and protect me
My friends come
Many have come and gone
Still left out of the guttural swansong
Takin' nothin' but the best in the area
Givin' me grief but fucker I'll stare you
Order is shattered in a strange guttural tone that resounded
Along the walls of the houses, which seemed dead and deserted,
While, behind the closed
Never run truck jewels
Run a culinary school for gluttony-drunk wolves
In guttural grunts
Smothering buttery lung ramen
Early sign of punk showed up
Anger thought so no thought touched inside crazy
(Disembodied guttural noise need not make sense)
Looks across the land immortal
Through the timeless sand guttural
An ancient quest, an ancient rite
To find perfection evil

Demonic possession
Post basking in the violence and ultraviolet lighting 
The guttural chants are crying 
The beasts begin reciting 
A roving gang of church women 
and stay, come on in and stay 
As guttural chants of your kin begin reciting 
Here's one happy customer

They call me Aladdin, not because of my pigment 
You feel so left out
You just want a place in life
A slot to fit in
A place to call home

Deeper and deeper
A guttural beacon of hope
Deep in
conclusions with immoral decisions

As a liar, no slave to a master
I trudge the mud of society's filthy grey matter
The guttural utterance of syllable silence
for a breakup in my grey skies
Not so subtle like her guttural laugh
Look at her now, don't you know that she is riding right beside me
of fists across a face 
I remember the suck of boots in mud 
Guttural, sexual, in those clandestine woods 

Down at the river's edge 
Below the concrete
satisfying my 
pathological pervertation by suffering fron your eyes and going on piercing 
your body parts noticing the guttural voices coming from your

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