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Neotropic · Gutted


Headed and Gutted (Willis "Gator" Jackson) · Gutted Road Warrior (Steve Hill) · Gutted (Gutted) · Gold Mine Gutted: Easy/Lucky/Free (Bright Eyes) · She Lay Gutted (Disgorge)

Burned at the stake
Drowned in the lake
Stretched on the rack
Condemned to death
Nipples pulled off
Burned and gutted
Torn by horses
ripping-reproductive cords
Ripping-sodomize her

Mutilated entrails, rot as I disgorge

She lay gutted gutted, she lay gutted gutted

Organ by a mangled body, as I
all dead
Mangled canine filleted and gutted
Chewed by maggots, picked apart by buzzards
Spurted upon the freeway
Stringing entrails,
Starting to fade, blood saturates 
Deadly embrace, immolated 
Imbrued with pus of the dead 

Eviscerate another life gutted soul 
Morbidity, obliterate
Honor and acclaim? Simply masked by falsified journalism of a gutted
Now fallaciously lay the flag on your lifeless heroes with a delusion
Swollen throat and karma debt
Set foot inside a parlor, to find her drunken by receipts
He held her by the ankles
Gutted at the nave, yes gutted
of evisceration
Thoraxes severed by mandibles ravenous
Thousands lay gutted from this extirpation so calamitous

Succulent larvae, the spoils of war
An excursion in science
Becomes a bloodbath hosted by nature
A closer look at life
Slashed, dismembered and eaten raw

Feast for the wild
glorious pulp
By faith I justify my endless craves

A litany of stifled screams, gutted peaks so enticing
Hear this harmony
A litany of stifled screams,
Gutted by the claws of holy
Approached by Jesus Christ
Sworn to an Oath of Evil
Forever in his (Satanic) Powers

Deny the light of bliss
Doomsday befalls. Awakened by sirens, the fifteen minute warning.
ICBMs scream from their silos into the
Sky. Warheads detonate over their targets.
bodies bent

The wind's terrible symphony tore out my longing by the toes
My ears were emptied and renamed
The balm slid off like a bubble of oil and
Time to play - get out of your head,
Time to die - my cruelty will make you dead,
Show your fear, don't escape into madness,
Your rotting gutted
my tomorrows won't save me today

High heels clippin' like clattering cans
You'll find the mark in the shadow of a man
I've been wronged by my wrongs
to trace
The face of today's inhuman wraith

One half adrift in the vast abyss
Of despair and misery
The other a mask of rich red lips
Whetted by
third floor of the hotel gutted by the blast,
And the street below showered in shards of broken glass,
And all the drunks pourin' outta the dance halls,
I have been embraced by suffering
No longer human, I stalk my prey
To kill and gut all surrounding me
Humanity in me slips away

Lips about your teats.

We hate, and so we gather
By the light of the moon;
The art of veneficium...
This we learned from you...
To make them
The whole third floor of the hotel gutted by the blast
And the street below showered in shards of broken glass
And all the drunks pouring out of the dance
lots dangling from your diction, daydreams bobbing in a shattered sea.
Look out!
Look out!
For sirens dancing where the nooses swing from gutted branches

Graven goulash, make it posh 
Sanguine souffle, morbid maƮtre d' 

Gutted entrails brewing choice cuts 
Ruptured pustules spewing 
Shrouded by this mortal veil, something has gone wrong
Engaging conscious thought, though we are dead gone
A new beginning to the physiological
softening, beaten by the brazenness of their tongues 
Gutted, ethereal and distilled, I'm their tiny delicacy 

Pummeling my skull with a brutal infancy 
Hairless legs against the blistered napalms burn.
I want to rape the substance of your downy hair,
In that mist a gutted child fights for air.

The whole third floor of the hotel gutted by the blast
And the street below showered in shards of broken glass
And all the drunks pouring out of the dance