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O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You
O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from
What we been on for weeks got us on some risky things
Ain't brushed up
She gushed up
Discussion, I need
She awesome
Cherry blossoms
I want some, for free
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit

You expired Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls,
our way

A rumbling once leagues below just found its way to light
It gushed on out and poured on down
The geyser of the reclamation
Down with all
felt so excited
Adrenaline rushed as she gushed and she gushed
Admitting she wanted the same things I did

It started a fling and turned into more
People is fall in love
and hearts to beat fast
Unconsciously I'm shining
brightly and power gushed
But people is disappointed
Hurt a person's
a great pain
The blood it gushed forth from Patanio's side
But he never once shortened his powerful stride

Patanio, poor fellow, I knew he was hurt
to feel, and the pony's eyes opened
The cord got hard, the head looked around
And you know who pushed and gushed
The waters of life
First two hooved
beauty wake the N9ne up
When you share pretty pictures of your fine butt
Had a dream I bit your neck and red wine gushed
So I sipped you every time I
comin' to muff me, plus three:
Makzilla, Irv and Big Nick we's 'bout to bust V
Open until we lust free, she sucked D
Gushed me, then roughly rode this
into cash
Water just gushed out her mouth and her pussy
She need some more cushion, went and bought her some ass
Secret compartments, Toyota Corolla
vision, afterthought, abort mission
Too little too late, as the last man gushed
Took no prisoners mushed, rap ambush

Watch me kill, watch me kill the Boston girl

Little attention did I pay,
I beat her more and more
I beat her 'till the blood gushed out,
Then I
I caught the next guy runnin by wit the metal hook (BOO-AHH!!) 
Blew his back open, blood gushed on my face 
A bitch fainted 'cause she seen I
the tears that gushed
At the grave
Sensing a wave
Got his stuff
Never had enough

They tell me to forget
But I take it as a threat
Lying in the hospital bed
Slow motion tried to catch it, landed on my dome

Splitted open head, words a gushed against the wall
Ball ball ball til the day I fucking fall
So I
After the tears
of the world's live
there is nothing live for
need you high
I believe with sepulchre
Good night
Of course I've gushed for a night
pure bread sewn together with hammer and thread, and a horses head, gushed Venetian red on the flannel sheets screaming for Zed
but Zed's dead
How many
of my aunt's cervical entrance
When my dad's sperm entered her womb
Blood gushed out, dripping down his pulsating vascular endometrium
Two holes opened,
through this also
And with the very tip of its point
It grazed the man's skin and straightway from the cut
There gushed a cloud of dark
just took hers off that p*** wet them panties gushed
Keep a g*** in my fanny must got sum' old money
And I'm granny'd up but I don't sit at home playing
place for ya to hide

A taste of gin on her kiss, she's a ten-dollar whore, the priestess of all kinds of sin
Her perfume gushed like a fountain on my
I stand up
Give him a fuckin' head butt
Duck and then jump
Kicked 'em and then blood
Rushed and gushed
You've done enough bitch I'm fuckin' done get
It gushed inside of my head like liquor poured into a pristine crystal glass
I saw the shadows coming closer
I felt the warmth of heaven's gate

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