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as foreplay
Your eternal unrest, so amusing
From beyond the grave
Follow your gurney, cum-stained
Closer to me, so perverted
Rigor mortis part of my
So I can see them turned into splinters
And if I come in on a donkey, let me go out on a gurney
I want to realize too late I never should have
Water c-d
And get you penalized (penalized)
I promise you that you get your face kicked man (face kicked man)
Astonishing, you never know who know who
See I was robbing motherfuckers, a taker of things
The star chaser, Allah nature, maker of wings
Empire of Egypt with your critical thinking
Bob Shane/Tom Drake/Miriam Stafford

Run Molly, run (oh, Molly). Run Molly, run. Long John's gonna beat you, beneath the shinin' sun.

my people on the front lines

People, my people are dyin'
And we see it all the time
Don't know where our future would be
If he's not here, how do