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Aye turn me up you know its off the curb don't hang around nobody
Quit that talking all that gumming nigga I don't know about it
Imma need to see
got some heaven in my head
Mythos is a gumming the works
I got some heaven in my head

I think I'm starting to lose it
I think I'm starting to lose it
they wanna run
Cocaine rubbin' em
Bet I'm gumming em
Bet I'm gumming em
single place I go

And it was cool and it was quiet
In the humid marsh down there
I let my head sink down beneath the brackish water
Felt it gumming
Father Sgt. Christmas Card
Gone jogging
Gumming the fun tunnel
And answer to no one
And not knowing this
So God bless you
Continue to speak


and it was cool, and it was quiet
in the humid marsh down there.
i let my head sink down beneath the brackish water,
felt it gumming up my hair.
to complete the harmonizin'

And that's a man with a voice like a scraping violin

Waiting for Mr. Damage

Toothless jaws gumming melancholy stuff

A burst
out my nose
Teeth gumming ID card with a leftover substance
I'm with the blood hounds knock a man down
Can't back down
Too late to save a soul homie
told her quit texting
Come and take it like a Texan
Yeah she spearmint and gumming
Asking all them questions
She a scientist, experiments
I'm her main
on my ass I was scraping for nothing
Remember not sleeping just searching for something
Bitch u keep gumming Say fuck it it dump it
Say fuck it and up it
start tripping A1 knock 'em off
Two skinny niggas bitch you think we slipping nigga not at all
Nigga steady gumming look at me don’t wanna talk at all
what I'll do to dude
Gumming wit Mezzy nigga just got a new glizzy
Bitch will go doo doo do she say that I'm sexy I just let the bitch look I kill her
servin the pack
We don't hang where them lames at
You Don't bang I know real slat
You Can't hang where the real at
Nigga you know how we gumming
I'm in mac
you been hiding in gutter
Oh you think I'm evil baby, why you go to wonder
Stalled out, gumming it up
Want to leave, better do what you can
Tongue tied,
on paper so White it shines
Laura Palmer couldn't have enough supply
Gumming all my writtens for when I speak to God
Cracking all these bottles like my wit
driving NASCAR

Although I'm read, my neck is redder
I'll use the straight, I've gotta get it together
Locked in the cockpit I have my mission
I'm gumming
It's an idea we put in your head
You love it so much till you wish you were dead
It's an allusion but it's cheap to unleash
The gumming of babes
I’m Talking too cool
Wake they ass up they on snooze
Get a nightstand cuz they sleeping(Sleeping)
Lil bitch scuba dive in the deep end
Gumming dem
dentures and started gumming my dick
These golden girls had really been round the block
I got a rim job from one while she was knitting some socks
And no gumming and mumming
Will help with the shortcoming
They're puffing throbbing
Bluffing foreshadowing the shoving
Synergy orchestral
The energy
if shawty ruthless
I don't see no time for hoes up in the blueprints
She be gumming on this dick like she toothless
I don't need to pop no X bitch I'm
can't explain
How gumming body doing me Totori o
Ah ah... I got fire fire (can cool)
Gyal ya hotter (but I can handle you)
Bring your body closer make I
Turn your brain cells into slight gumming
But you don't understand that cuz you're too busy running
don’t see the love assuming that you hating me
I don’t do no gumming or no rapping with them talking niggas
We just pull up spot 'em pop 'em drop 'em

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