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Now the bitter, now the sweet
Halfway down life's busy street
Neither quickening the grueling pace
Neither leading in the race 
(Hey, yeah)
I barely get to the graveyard shift on time
After pulling another grueling 9 to 5
I live from credit card to check
The paper money's whirling by
Grueling tensions
Want me in a spiral
I'm waiting to unravel
Twisted motives
Drive me in a circle
I'm dying to untangle

A little mayhem never hurt
Hut, hut, hut, hut
Hut, hut, hut, hut
Hut, hut, hut, hut
Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut

It's a grueling road to nowhere
Sneaking out the bedroom
Slaving in the factory
18 hours a day
Grueling work for empire
Nothing much for pay
Welding chips together
I'm exposed to toxins
Endless rows forever
been put in a state of cynically what I have
What I've lost really made a lasting & grueling impact!
So here it is
A bliss
So weird
Can't co-exist
Gloomy spell
Doomed to dwell inside this grueling, broody hell
It has been a minute since we shared the shit we've truly felt
Sometimes i'm convinced
Running in circles
There is no way out
I don't know how long
The pain is real 
Grueling, inside and outside
A punishment I deserve
He's getting
fills my life
Dear seeker of advice, adhere my words
Craft yourself, the plight is so grueling
But it serves us right
Charge forth with every single thing
We're just One In The Same
You know what you're doing
Cuz you're learning how to master
How to treat your brain through the pain and grueling
some it was grueling
Some were truly astounding but too unruly and rowdy
Only move up in their lives was from juvie to county
Now we're grown up finally
on brothers it graze them
The infinite bully invigorating the race
And that's the brother it made him
The vigorous grueling of men with darker faces
furled, and the wind a'whirl, he went out upon the sea
For to meet his destiny

'Twas a grueling clash of man and sea, As he paddled t'wards the shore
and grueling fight
Prodding and pinching situations 
Until they're caught up in its broom

When all is said and all is done 
You'll be a fish out of fresh water
logical and your arguments senseless
About what I'm disputing, if so, you just fooling
Yourself, cause the shit that I dealt with was just grueling
the storm
You disappear but I'm battleborn
I only carry what I must
Unfamiliar? Fuck it, I'll adjust
I'll never fear the grueling hill
'Cause moving's better
a stake-out, sativa dominated smoke-out
Caffeine may be fueling me but ah gotta grueling need for only the sweetest endo
Cupla hours in now, I see you've decided
my adolescent self-thrived
To ask me two grueling questions
How would you change the world
And what would this new world look like

I believe my
relieving to say
It's really shaping up to be a glorious day 
Let's hope for the best, in this grueling test
Of strength, motivation and pure concentration
a grueling appetite
Fire in the coldest hour I'll make you wanna die fast
I am a dog and I run all alone in the back
Don't turn your back on the dog if you
Seeking a resource, this virus had me vying for a recourse
The thought of being unable to get my words over beats off
Was too much of a grueling proposition
Day after day, I care a little less
Sleep life away, try to escape the stress!
Time overlaps, it seems a cruel joke
A grueling 9 to 5, I'm barely
goodbye, bye

Because saying goodbye pains me now
Grueling seconds as the words leave my mouth
But time is not about the body anymore
Hallowed whispers echo through these empty
Buildings in which I once
Sang a song inside
Ten grueling years ago here we
Had once met

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