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Growth (Audra Mae) · Income & Growth (Jon Jr)

the begging bowls
Owned to stunt your growth
Stunt your growth

Basic subsistence hinges around
This fundamental biology
Jaw-dropping concessions
Child ashamed silent oath
Fallen heard shows no growth
Shows no growth chose no growth
I play on my position of trust
Leave the child to self
the process of these lies
Heroes never live, legends never die

Preserve one's self, in safety for growth
Preserve one's self
Preserve one's self, in safety for
Not so much born
You were shit out
Dressed in schoolboy clothes

Hair combed neatly
Shoes tied tightly
Fed shit for growth
You are what you eat
Floating kisses from a far
Hung your portrait on my wall
Out a spiderweb I crawl

Visible harm
Backwards charm
Stunting growth
Holding, this new growth lineage carrying
The scars of our fathers
By branching upon them growth beyond them
In the masculine sacred unfurling
can you see me?

the radiant city 	CAN
the radiant country 	YOU HEAR ME?
the twilight of money 	CAN
the growth of your body 	YOU HEAR ME?
From the birds eye view
God only knew
We were too rich to entice
Too poor for a price
There's no life in these seeds
It's the growth of disease
cannot change the future, but I'll find you if you're gone
A second spurt of growth will come about me
Don't doubt me

Entities that hide behind images
the plebs all be ethnic, they will fight we will sing


How many poor do we need to prosper
How much starvation to make
Baby that was years ago
I left it all behind for my

Cheap wine and a three-day growth
Cheap wine and a three-day growth
Come-on, come-on, come-on

Sitting sideways
Something deep
Wading water
Pants at my knees
Fading with growth
Lie awake
Buried stones
All alone

Restore our needed
Spread out, wasted and useless
New energy cannot be created and high grade
Energy is being destroyed
An economy based on endless growth is
my hand precious Lord lead me on
When my way grow'th drear precious Lord linger near
When my life is almost gone
Hear me cry hear me call take my
Camera fixed
Over exposed
Skin burns
The amber
Surface stoned
To air
Dry cracks
Growth denied
and hungry you cry for help
Time is not healing your inner wounds
Growth by anger
Is not the rules.
All you've known gone away
Not reborn - never
Black inferno, chaos reigns supreme
A cancerous growth spreading out the dark
Leaving the wounded land in ashes
A civilization in ruins and decay
Black inferno, chaos reigns supreme
A cancerous growth spreading out the dark
Leaving the wounded land in ashes
A civilization in ruins and decay
Looking back when I was a child and dreamed.
Growth and maturity would come to me.
Having faith it would set me free and fly away.

Looking back
of chiselled slits for eyes 

From the growth underneath the closed mouth 
You'll catch if you listen 
Rack-trapped cubist vowels 
From a dummy head
to find something else therein
Iæ?£l let you win (x2)
You can choose how we go
You can have complete control
But after this, itæ?¯ no longer growth
and don't be late
Strange record of stunted growth
Wordplay and meaningless

I've got to find the pieces
I've got to describe them all
To find any final
Never to return

Disease in your life rots your soul
Wretched hindrance to your growth in God
Recycle countless sin, bondage
Crumbling world falls through my hands
In my mouth taste bitter sands.
Grass is burning, pulse is slow.
Drip by drip my backwards growth, crawl.

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