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the madness stop
Deplete we must the store of hate immense and grouping, groping nonsense

Pathways are green and black and white and yellow and crimson
and dancing
(I like it)

Let's singing like a grouping
(Loving it)

大丈夫さ we are みんな

La la la
us stupid
They just want us stupid
They just want us stupid, they just
They just want us stupid
They don't want us lucid
They don't want us grouping up
I know why you're grouping with me
I bet you wanna get some water outta me
Do I look like a vending machine?
No, Im a fireballin M.A.G.E!

I dont
All alone in my room think of you at a rate that is truly alarming
I keep grouping my memories of you in my head, I pretend that you want me
And I
Can I get a cold 'Bou Lou in a coozie?
Jack D, back to back shots of Coolie
Then chugging the backwash of a brewski
Get the crew, we grouping
the wolves to grouping up
They laying boys down, they future they scooping up
We keep it click tight, so when niggaz start lurking
In the dark heaters start,
verb stick
Coming with authority grouping the majority this is not your gimmick or
Your fraudulent trick
Now I see children of originals doomed
nigga I don’t give a fuck
This that new me, fuck your apology
I ain’t no newbie
Get you bitch she actin grouping
I heard you wanted the code for the safe
AM, fogged out
Ain’t no one to call now
I feel it like some seasons these demons be grouping all around
So I drink away the pain to ease the inners
Feedback looping, looping
It affects my shots and grouping
My convictions like my eyes drooping
No more hope recouping, I'm over it
All is said and done,
Raekwon, ya days ending
Rice cakes in the dawn, haze glisten on lawns, before the stacks
I was grouping pennies for papers, tenacious, block sedate your
the corps
Ready to be crushed 
I provoke 
Motivate ma boys 
Younger grouping up
Navigating thoughts
Staring while he does
Putting use to my toys 
Sorry man
hate me
Like how my bitch choosing
You broke my heart with that shit these drugs Im steady using
Im fucking friend after friend call that shit grouping
And I go back to back on another track
Yeah you saying that I'm whack let me tell you that
I got bars for bars and they keep on grouping
That's why even
My blood pooling
Dying slowly I can't move and
My heart full of holes
She got good aim good grouping
Target practice to chest
Crows picking my
I know we even, Heating Up until I’m over heating
All these pieces I been grouping just sort out weakness
Through my music you been cruising through
High saluting, high diluting
Bye haters, stop excluding
We all people, fuck the grouping
Machiavelli in the looting
Orwellian conclusion

Ya'll on your phone and you tweeting
Before I reply you delete it
You grouping you got you a meeting
But I divide and I conquer
The work
At least they will need me not
No go Dey fear to pick my call
No go fear to say what's up
While we grouping up
The road was rough
But we walk it all
rounds, inward agony, uniform grouping,
Distorted our presence

Controlled in a direction with our heads held consistently that we mocked
Flayed and still
of that just keep it true
If you not with the facts
I ain't fucking with that
Look at these haters grouping
But what are they doing
Bitch I'm
bitch off cuz she toxic
She know Diddyyz hot like some Takis
Got my eyes open yeah I'm watching
Cuz these niggas grouping up Dey plotting
And I really got
of the tribe like Fenimore Coop
Building a plan for the loops like grouping the Jupiter rings through a lens in a loupe

Redwood routes go in to out. And when

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