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I will not lie down
On the wrongful groundwork laid
While it's still a radical sound
Just to call a spade a spade

Dear friends, women and men
When messenger arrived
The groundworks of world shook
And priests-hypocrites trembled
Aiwaz has brought knowledge
And the Equinox of Gods began
Well, I've been looking back
At the old whales
Over my shoulders
Like salt or sugar
Well, I'm just talking about the old days
You're doing nothing with your life
I heard you felt alert
Well I'm hoping that it hurt
'Cause we've spent too much time in groundwork
To be
the groundwork up in flames
We watch the smoke rise
You wanna name my weakness
You wanna be the rain
own, as you cut your meat and lay the groundwork for a New Tomorrow.
eyeslids become my enemies
I fight then to save myself from the scene.
As the groundwork for my nightmares is

Created I stand helpless to this chaos in
I have an evil plan to save the world for every man, And i think its better than the way its being run, Oh the groundworks laid,
No don't be afraid
It is a waterproof
I love you

We're in the grill room
With the groundwork
You stain your skirt, skirt
to salvation
My setting sun will turn the page
A prophecy born of grace and it's dedication
My broken body will be she'd

All the groundwork is set
The groundwork I put in made my lifestyle better..and better
I like the fuckin street, bright in the phantom lights
Montana light, two women in {?} lights, they
in illin
Like I did, laid the groundwork for five hits
Member when I told y'all first week out
Shipped a half a mil, niggaz freaked out
the groundwork now it's time to cash in
Heh, and everybody knows I earned that
Headed to the skyline, feet up, first class

I don't know about you but I

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