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And if we don't, did we not care?
It makes you think about the life you've led,
Shit you've done, things you've said.
And it's grounding, grounding
we don't, did we not care?
It makes you think about the life you've led,
the shit you've done, the things you've said.
And it's grounding
can't explain
Know the freedom would be cool
He is my only grounding thing

Bring it back, back to me
I'll try to be
Landing on a runway in Chicago
And I'm grounding all my dreams
Of ever really seeing California
'Cause I know what's in between
Is something
persons was grounding
Don't know the whereabouts can't be founding
Chilling for the villain the one they call the Phifer
Still on the smooth but a tidbit

Like the Shaolin astoundin' pound grounds like groundings
Bouncin' be the largest nigga pounds or ounces
Well rounded like Persif, my verses
when I'm my most lost
An anchor, eternally grounding me to navigate
A darkness until a light so blinding burns through the fog
It's never in doubt
been straight up with you, 
Your still avoiding me. 
I guess your too blind to see the difference in me. 
Your apprehension's grounding me
and I float
When I need true north and some grounding
I call the magical child
The essential child
This angelic child
This innocent child

To thine
Pop it on the collar
I just pull up and park like play grounding
Bet you do anything for a one nighter
Bet I can make your friend freak like Cirque
niggas who grounding me
It's roc on the block, 45 glock cocked
Finna pop these niggas and they drop
I'm screaming more and more and more war
Killa for
just the beginning
You're going to be blown away
And you have your grounding, and yourself and that's so rare
So I'll talk to you soon and
I remain as the baddest motherfucker 's established
and I 'm still at it grounding that Hennessey straight popping that still mad at
Down at my
the one taking you down for grounding


Little lady let me take a little bit of your love
around me
I am a bird that's in need of grounding
I'm built to fly away,
I never learned how to stay

The night is gonna fall and the vultures will
Down and down and down I go I've lost all sense of my direction
This flaming spitfire flight has come undone
Grounding stages of rejection I am not
She dance around the club like a psycho little cartoon
Grounding like the elevator, make no worries, smile
The neighbours is jaloers
The neighbours
in my individuality
I might be different from the people in my family
But the truth is their roots keep grounding me
There ain't no mystery to my
Types of pipes, and green to keep me hype
At thirty-thousand feet, yo my heart starts poundin
So I rarely fly, intentional grounding
Make my rounds

Verse 2		I acknowledge the fact that a grounding in Maths
			Is important,
			And I see there’s a need to be able to read
			And to write.
guap to the top
And I'm grinding for my goals til' my fucking body drop

Grounding temporarily so I don't fall
Call it retail therapy when I hit
Time is frozen 'round me, started shifting, ground against
The shit I'm in midst of. Friction mounting, matter twisting, grounding, stitches bounding
that's taken a grounding
And it appears as if you've lost your dog's bone
Like a kid whose scoop of ice cream fell off the cone
During summer, man
I broke my neck to keep my chin up 
There's an open wound and no grounding 
Days like these will make me fed up 
It all feels like a senseless

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