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I been sellin' dope since the tenth grade
Notin' but gritters over this way
Walkin' up talkin' that shit, hey
Me and my nigga like, "Bitch please"
Grating, scratching- desperate sounds.
 Feels like this - spineless .
 Hope versus hope, it's inside.
 Pure hate pure love all there.

out, toilets flush

Money minded, motivational
Appetite, I'm insatiable
Don't blame me
Gritter grinding, I'm greedy, nigga
Yo we from the show me get my money put a pay up
Got on my Five-O Ones and my gritter posture
I fit her proper, if she papered I'm in her
That's probably why you just penny pushing and I'm bigger
So you hate on me 'cuz you like paper and I'm gritter
With two Biancas up on my arms like John
the label found that I was a hard hitter
I'd giver shit was delivered hella hard from a spitter, gritter
Recognizing all the humongous love I'd get
can't have a whole lot of sprung chicks
Bum nigga to a plum gritter
You don't gotta have a million to run with her
She got a gun witcher, and a tongue
Pensacola with the Sinaloa, sendin' bricks of yola to Dakota
you a silver spoon-fed Ricky Schroder
Screamin', "Free my lil' nigga Gio, he a pill-gritter
'til I'm dead, get bank
Believe that! It's natural fact
I keep 'em bustin out the sack, now run and tell that
This for my nitty-gritters, money getters
your ghostly left hand picked a rosy red gem and we danced on the cobbles till the gritters were gone. Rain rain go away I'll come down another day.

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