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as what you knew me as
Not as what I saw me as
I grieved
I grieved
I grieved you
Finding myself alone
And again
Trying to explore this new version
I did 24hrs on my knees that day
When I come through I ain't saying please that day
I been run through wasn't really grieved that day
Cah one day
did not catch the whale.

The losing of those five jolly men,
It grieved the captain sore,
But the losing of that fine whalefish
Now it grieved him
hated myself once more
But if I wanna fly
I'm leaving my shoes at the door
Am I criminal
Is it chemical
I'm not who I was before
I believed you
I grieved
Who grieved (who grieved)
For her own
Who mourned and fought for 
Her missing little one (bring me back my little one)
When you sit down with me please
Poor man mourn the rich riches increase
Be not grieved, riches are not forever
Envy not the oppressor chose none of his ways
Be not wise in his own
Poor man mourn the rich riches increase
Be not grieved, riches are not forever
Envy not the oppressor chose none of his ways
Be not wise in his own
Lock down can't leave
Hemmed up quarantined
This ScamDemic
Got a lot of folk grieved
I done caught
The cursed COVID-19
Aww man dog
You done caught
not catch the whale

The losing of those five jolly men

It grieved the captain sore

But the losing of that fine whale fish

Now it grieved him ten
For all the deaths I should've grieved
For all the love I should have given
This is an apology
I hope you'll accept it please 

Lillies and roses,
wicked desires block the way,
Sometimes I have grieved you away,
I don't want to do that today.

Help me, oh help me, please help me my Jesus.
Save me
the time
Arguing all damn night
Walking that thin line
But there was love in every fight
Cursed your name at the sky
Grieved after every bye
Always asking
You won't even know that I'm gone

I helped you build it
And I'll tear it down
I am who I used to be
I grieved my country
I grieved my god
But I
grieved my expectations
because resentment is like I'm drinking poison
and just waiting for you to feel something
I've grieved my expectations
revive, revive, revive us again
Ignite up our spirit to adore You again

Though faintly hearted and grieved we may be
Your mercy still washes the stains
mind? was it bad all the time?
If I had one more chance
What would I change? What would I keep?
Maybe when we were changing
Its fine I've grieved
If I had
promise everything and everyone will die and no one will care
Everything you taught me is all about you
I have grieved for your loss so much
I have grieved
were my own
A bloodstained prize
A gallon per ounce

You think you are never wrong
Human error and pride
One another, grieved in hate, our sons will feel

Though I grieved in your passing
I know the world was too much to take
I would have carried your pain
But I will live in your memory

We will always remember this time
We will always remember this time
When the people fell ill
And time stood still
And the memory of earth was grieved
the bitterness I had
I sat and watched
As you were overcome
I sat and watched
As I was overcome
While I grieved
Trying to think, but it hurt
Try and explain, made
start to fall
Down on my knees, I start to call
Heart grieved with sorrow, burdened with pain
Soon peace comes to me, the Lord comforts again

Are you
Just like a dream, when You arise, their fantasies You will despise
My heart was grieved, but You're my GOD, Psalms 73 helped clear my eyes
the loss to be grieved
And I got no hate for you
Honey, No good it will ever be

If I can't make it here I'm not gonna make it
If not here, I'm not

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