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Karmin · Pink Grenade


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run, because the run is getting wasted
Young renegades, we're gonna make some changes

You're just a live grenade
Young renegade
You're just a live
They try to bend, they try to break me by design
But I am the nightmare that will haunt you in the light
If it’s war that you want… then I’m ready
Don't put this note by your face on the pillow
Don't put this letter in the pocket near your heart
Keep it in the bottom drawer where you hide
to death
By a swing of a mace
Blown out brains with a grenade
Hallucinating brain decayed

Violent breakdown
Truth of dare
Cut your flesh to the bone
filled your palms with dirty bombs 
Instead of hand-grenades 

I am teeth which cannot bite 
I’ll tear your garden up by the roots 

And when
of sulphur
The trawlers drift by
They're chewing dried meat
In a house of disrepute
The dust of opiates
And syphilis patients
On brochure vacations
The freedom of the night
I waited at the corner for you
By the orange lamp light

Your flowers are hand grenades
Your words are weapons of their
watch that blast
Shell shock come, coming fast

Name and rank on parade
Might get laid by a hand grenade
Do you know what it means?
This - means -
at the canvas with pistols is our focus, our pride

Give the soldiers the drugs and the children hand grenades

The smart kid, the art kid, let's hope he learns
Two hundred loathsome cutthroats
Armed to the teeth
Hurling there grenades
As they get closer to the beach

We had cutlasses and blunderbusses
wasn't nice 
But his hand grenades looked very mean 
And the luger down his trousers 
Well that was twice as obscene 

When we touched down in Cuba
wasn't nice 
But his hand grenades looked very mean 
And the luger down his trousers 
Well that was twice as obscene 

When we touched down in Cuba
They took the whole eastern nation
Moved us on these reservations
Took away our ways of life
A hand grenade, and a carving knife
Took away our
He got no ribbons, no decorations
They sent no medals to his sad parents
Just sent a letter telling them their son had died
Killed by a bullet
chaos, bringing the ruckus
Heavy metal heaters, mobbin under bucks
If you can't beat us, then join us
Get on the team 
Street sweepers, grenades
Or was that a cry for help
By yourself, by yourself, by yourself

Verbal grenades
You throw in vain
I can't believe you'd stoop so low
Of all the things
Senses faded by the grenade cracks

Warchild, Warchild
We fought and died for it...we are

Warchild, Warchild
We cried and bleeded for it

Wake up
With these trademarks so bereaved
Tied my leg to a barricade
With a plastic hand grenade
They tried to turn emotion into noise

Need a teleprompter
to make a place for him. Since he's already loaded his canister, he hurries to the end of the street and gets hit by a grenade. All that's left of him is
There I was, just standing in your shadow,

Just standing in your pool of shade venere.
Here I am, still yellowed by the summer,
Still sufferin in
found salvation
But the hand grenades inside her
Where ready to explode
And the pins were pulled long ago
By sweet temptation

She found herself in
of night
Was shattered by fire
As the guns and grenades
Blasted sharp through the air

One after another
His comrades were slaughtered
In the morgue
shattered by fire
As guns and grenades blasted sharp through the air
One after another his comrades were slaughtered
In morgue of marines, alone standing
to wonder 

Should I produce or should I tour this summer 
Well just that second I heard stay where you are 
Before I could stop I was hit by a cop car
from a grenade
I just couldn't tell it was where Annabelle
Put a glas of lemonade
How that I've been tortured by the blade of a bajonet
And I never

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