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feeling You give to me
And I'm so gratified You'd let Your light shine on me
By now it's no secret that I adore You so much
You're so necessary in my life
look unsatisfied wit' me
Thought I'd be gratified
For lovin' you with all my being
So unusual, cruel
You don't talk to me
So unusual, cruel
You don't
and said you fucked with my head
There's only one way
And that's down
We feel subjectified until we're gratified
Don't be so mortified
I feel electrified
Time to disappear

Senseless existence
Thirst gratified
No internal resistance
Instant suicide
Preventing homicide
One great
You call me up when you're alone
You tell me to come over when nobody's home
I said too much and it's the truth
I'm only feeling gratified when I'm
she said "I'm busy I don't have the time"
Right then I knew that that's a lie
You wasn't gratified with me at your side
I said baby be my valentine
wanted seven, label said minus two (grrt)
Fat check, satisfied, I guess that'll do (yeah)
Big guap, gratified, getting to the loot (bow)

Run it back
love me enough
Oh, I can't wait to feel your touch
You're my desire
You set my fire
It's a beautiful rush

I'm gratified
So satisfied
My flame keeps
Thrilled by the bloodshed
Revel in

Violent instinct satisfied
Human nature, tragedy-fed, gratified

Old hunter
Staring at the game

On one's ruin
actions are quite CONSEQUENTIAL!

Self gratified, through a judging eye
When the lens was cracked, you didn't know how to react
Self gratified, through
Don't take the post offices for granted like a gratified sleepwalker sheep
A piece of paper goes across the country like a boy's note to his first crush
Feeling deep inside, I'm not gratified with
What I've done to my life
Face of remorse, Face of anguish

Feeling deep inside, I'm not gratified with
and pleasant news
That I am one of the happy few
Gratified, and glad that I love it
I love it

At home
I'm on channel 9
Good news
I think about

I brought the fire with me
I brought the fire with me
Who wanna take it there
Who wanna take it there
I feel so gratified
What you mean
always feeling terrified never purified
All day walking, walking till I’m gratified, gratified

Walking too long
Walking too long
Walking too long
way I know we will
all feel gratified
Judge, judge, judge
Trap and trap
Judge, judge, judge
Trap and trap
Your enemy searches
from deep underground
got giant hunger heart[00:27.00]Never gratified[00:29.00]And oh god, I pray all night[00:36.00]Let it all go[00:39.00]So, Want you take a waltz with
got giant hunger heart[00:26.04]Never gratified[00:29.02]And oh god, I pray all night[00:36.00]Let it all go[00:38.04]So, Want you take a waltz with
Rainbow face, is all I can do

Measure me out, nothing fits
Too bad, don't need, to pay
All you want to say
Instantly Gratified
You're a vicious
the face of gratified desire
What in me does she require?
the face of a gratified desire

brownish spider,
brownish leaf
confirms my deepest held
When she comes to me, then I feel fine
And I'm not afraid but so gratified
Emerald eyes is a mystery
She's a heart that beats close to me

a little bit racist
No respect even in your own self
Instantly you're gratified
Self serve to satisfy

All done to you
All the same to you

Got some pills
You cried to me

La, la, la, la, la

Don't turn around
I'm sick and I'm tired of your face
Don't make this worse
You've already gone and got me mad
to the world
You just gotta be

With a gratified mind
I'll be on the highway
Just as soon as I can
Where there's a will
There's a way so until then

I just wanna

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