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are granular
The ants weigh more than the elephants
Nothing, nothing is manageable
So couldn't we skip the valedictories
I can see your door there
Well it's granular now
As I shed the sheets in this empty beach house
You twitch to sleep and I trace the baseboard
To the side door
And I'm wide
Of the heat-stroked granular sand
Whispered tension grows, across the barren land
Spectators stop and stare
Now the day begins to fade
Driven by
I can see the light

God of the asphalt
Granular silk
Slowly dust
In the sand
All these floating bees
Beyond this land

We should fall
Over the wall
of an eerie quartet 
Dystopia beckons
Sat in a glass of granular seconds
Wasting each granule with handfuls of questions
Finger nails scratch at the skin with
To her all time is granular
Experience is angular

When will we know when is now
Where do we go tell us how
We changed into new creatures
if you need to I can do 'em up scrambled or poached
Bananas on toast, granular oats and of course for the coffee a candle to roast
Competitors handle
Embittered against self-shorn legacy
Consumptive and stricken down 
Granular opiated silence 
Ruination 'cross a million lifetimes 
Falling in splinters
Thoughts in my head, I mean, can you relate
Slow and steady wins the race at a granular rate
But life moves fast, can we pick up the pace
Nah, I ain’t racing
A traveler and a passenger, through all the days in the calendar
Nothing comes close to this caliber, a scavenger
From the cosmos to the granular, I'm after
going wrong
We saw you succumb to the strong
Now we sadly sing this song
Cheerio, so long, goodbye
Goodbye America

The expert fields ignored
gran lunar, la tengo lista para granular
skunk de la báscula poff poff y luego a copular
le doy con el mazo y me envuelvo en su piel, soy cavernícola
the calendar
I wanna be a leader but at best i feel a manager
Look at my opinions in a vacuum they're all granular
Life finds a way back don't 
Hold its
life could be like a mixer
sometimes the fader switches
Watchin as time passes to the last sand granular
Put on to run the streets without a survival
matter. Time. Imprint.
A form that stands. Monolith

A desert of stones
From the heart of the Earth
From the depth of the circle

Granular infinity
granular snow...

The filth I've seen on my way;
Hasn't stain me like the evil from within.
Evil deeds and words I say;
I've soiled my soul with a stain

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