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Yeah I'm rollin' down Rodeo wit a shotgun
These people ain't seen a brown skin man
Since their grandparents bought one

So now I'm rollin' down
those old days
Grandparents and old ways
I miss my childhood 
They made up for the cold rain
Wish upon a Star
That you wouldn't be so far
But I know your
granny at first
Only grandparent I ever had
But I bet you that it was an opp
And it all was a part of a plan
You see where I'm from niggas greedy
don't visit and I ain't seen their children 
My grandparents don't belong in no nursing building 
But I can't take care off me thinking bout the world
a Nissan Centra
In the parking lot of Queens Center, uh
(Don't hurt me baby)
My grandparents learned English watchin' Martin, uh, yeah
My grandparents
these bands in my pants, man
Had this money growin' old like grandparents
Outside white but the inside cranberry (ayy)
I'll make a way, no Harriet
killing these people and don't sleep
Even the pigeon toed still standing on both feet, you know
It's obvious who's night this is
We inherit b-boy Sermons just like Erick's
Liks been flowin' longer than your grandparent's marriage
Eatin' buzzed brownies more than Bugs eat
ya mother
Your grandparents and brothers
Like your sister and your cousins
Do you love her, yeah we love her
Girl I love ya, like ya mother
words upon
Words piled up all around you, wooden blocks
Formed into towers to tumble, we moved
To a new house, bigger, with a big yard
Grandparents kept
As generations fill up our home
Grandparents fill with glee
The children who believe
They tell them wondrous stories
On this Christmas Eve

I remember happy
is the writing 
Generations will pass, history is forgotten or ignored 
We voted for the same things our grandparents died fighting 
Open the door just
enslavement didn't affect our grandparent's education 
And somehow just America = God's nation
Hold up, I thought every child was a part of his creation?
his grandparents Twice
Atascadero state hospital an iq of 145 
For five years manipulated reduced Time
Inadequate around women no Connections made
grandparents’ blessing, that and parent acceptance (What else?)
They trust me as a man, I guess everything switches
My grandmama gone, I finally got why y’all
you paving
One of your kids feel hated 
Both grandparents been dead not gone 
Ask God why I gotta take it

Said I'm asking why
Why every time
When I
Starve your grandparents
Still kids piggy banks
Run the air and water
Go up in the girls room and leave a funky odor
Use some condoms and pudusy odors
my parents
I'm the only failed experiment
Don't you dare blame your parents
You're the only failed experiment
Don't you dare blame your grandparents
wasn't that cool
Now his grandparents getting too old to raise him
So they called his older sister and they told her to take him
So now he's in Louisiana,
and playgrounds too
Yeah, we're rolling up our sleeves
Seeing grandparents, man it's been awhile
Since grandparent hugs, kisses, cuddles and smiles
While you're
know your history 
The stuff you forgot
Your grandparents' boats
And their grandparents' slums

And the flag flies high
From the wall of your pride 
started feeling so numb 
Damn I just turned 26 and I still ain't got my life going 
I reached out to my grandparents and I asked if I could move in
Spitshining shoes at your grandparent's wake
What did you lose?  What can you say
How were they broken?
Can you explain how to move through it
my grandparent's farm
And endless fields that I would roam  
Every summer I'd go there
I recall the love in their home
I saw them in the distance

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