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Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead Vocals by Tommy Shaw

Tell me where are you going
Sweet mademoiselle
To London or Paris
To the Grand Hotel

a raindrop, 
You'd be falling 
You'd be calling home 

If you were a hotel 
Honey, you'd be a grand one 
But, if you hit a slow spell, 
Do you think you
upstairs, keep it upstairs

Oh no, I thought I'd be by now
My head is a buzzing three-star hotel
Oh no, oh no, no, no, no no, no

But I keep it upstairs
a sacrificial mound

Were you our god or a man in a play
Who took our applause and forced us to stay
Now all together we lived as we died
On your command by
this town is dead
'Cause we ain't got no drive through yet
Our one garage don't open nights
Truckies they just roll on by
But down the road at The Grand
laughing there at us
A romantic bust, a blundered turned, an explosive blunderbuss

An ancient grand hotel of Persian thread and ivory
And when your man
Alice works the desk at the East Bay Hotel
In Grand Marais, Minnisota
I came in one night, She said "I loved your show"
We sat and talked
with a package deal

Everything all prearranged

Three nights at the Grand Hotel

Where all the rooms have ocean views

By latitude and longitude
hotel rooms so grand
And no one here knows what goes behind closed doors

Take a step back to the middle of the track
Don't you know it's rumoured all
hotel by the sea

Now when it's over I'll be talking to your grave
You might as well hear what I'll say
I can't forgive you and I'll never sing your
practically live in the hotel
I put in work in the street
So I can afford to spend 10 grand on room service a week
I got the top chef makin' my lunch
smelled like french perfume and gin
Though the flames were hot...
Now everybody was out at the girl's hotel by the time the roof caved in
We were headin'
Mademoiselle remembers too well
How once she was belle of the ball
Now the past she sadly recalls.
Mademoiselle lived in grand hotels
There's something wrong and it's our government. 
Is this the way that it has always been. 
We're being led by used car lot salesman. 
But what
Got a circle of success you can say I'm way around it

Yeah and by the way my name is Touch????

[Verse 2 - Birdman]
Uptown roller, take it off
arrived there with a thud 
He was living on the sidewalk, he was thinning out his blood 
I told the hotel clerk about my band and our show in town tonight
Yea, ok-ok, yea

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
Just when you thought it was ova
The Mobb came back to put the game in a +Cobra+

Now, you can catch me by
and my Grand Old Earth goodbye 

[SX] Cool, I guess we're splittin 

Is there anything I'm forgettin? 

Let me check my room, oh yeah there goes my

[Grand Agent]
End to end, end to end
Experience, experience, a new sensation

Some of this is factual, most of it ain't a lie
I’m looking down in a hole. I rest my head on the ground. 
I feel so disconnected from myself. The skunk walks by in front of that blue sky. 
The air
called the Devastatin Beat Creator
To the one called the Multiple Supreme, the master Fruitkwan
To the one called the Rhymorator MC Delite
To the Grand DJ
something while I listen to the grape vine
Got a blue pits all by the front door, 
East side rip rod and gang banging all I know
Heartbreak hotel hush
on snorkeling
Walk by my hotel room door and 
I'm sure you hear us bone and probably came the moment
And fuck a maid keeping knocking reorienting
She give me
Verse (????):

Karma Hotel lobby, and I'm lookin' for enlightenment
Concierge, where can I go to find adventure and excitement?
Played of all the casinos,
takin a regular picture by the hotel St. Bonaventure
Besides I do wear a coat in the winter
And eat at beautiful restaurants

	Leave me alone, leave