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and sour niggaz wit nose candy sniff blow by the gram 

I grammatically slam, before I eat a groupie bitch pussy 

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Whenever I be monumentally, grammatically, killing the mic
I tell my DJs, cranking that music, keeping 'em moving when the beat plays
the heavy sleeper
In the essence of blue and grey
Been longing for you to say
Back to reality
Let's research your anatomy
Engage me grammatically
of specimens
Sharing their empty lives with me
Grammatically inept common denominators
Destroying all of life's mystery

Body piercings, those of
type is a felon
My people cause static cause automatically now a days we fire automatics
Grammatically adequate my people come equipped
With enough
fricken ace
Cuz I'm grammatically absurd, We got a house in burbs
But not materialistic, busted ass for what we have so no one can get it twisted
And to write a grammatically correct song about you
Would be absurd

How did someone like me
End up with someone like you
Is this reality
Could all of this be
dogun grammatically
Shey you no like as i baff up
Shey you no like as i buy 4
If you no die for your grind yo
You no get nothing to die for
Wo won ni kin
spent, more fatalities ahead But I ain't never cared if you're actually Upset

Couldn't care less to be grammatically correct. Spare no expense if a faggot
say, emphatically
And forward me some 4chan meme that’s incorrect grammatically
Do you think that he’ll just magically
Start acting diplomatically
Vision these statements I'm making grammatically
Blatant with lacing these tracks like a bag of weed
Basically they be hating cause they mad at me
running rapid
I don't even know what happened
Cannot express 
I'm trapping myself 
Start grabbing my chest
I wanna protest 
Symphonic, it's gin-tonic
The heat is grammatically styled
Acrobatic, the racket is so dramatic
I'm busting open the package and doing it automatic
the hot joints
You can connect this in your area
Its all love
Yes, it is
Can you get jiggy with this
The answer is you is
I know that's not grammatically
knowledge when I are you feeling the buzz
I'm feeling so immaculate
The words is sick the spectacular manuscript
Grammatically accurate
From the bottom
about mentality
Disappear in the foreign like I lowered the opacity
The only way anyone can correct me is grammatically

I make these beats to uplift
You say my band name’s grammatically rough
I say I don’t care, dismiss all your opinion
I’m highly critical, politically charged
Yeah, guns
Subliminal criminal, I assault you grammatically
Flip the birds, I mean the words, with precision
When shit get crucial, no time for indecision
So I
Grammatically each pit of me is the verbalized epitome
My plethora of patter never stops

Isn't is great, that I articulate
Isn't it grand, that you can
Moving with flammable juice
Gloomy your chance 
Of producing a rap
That grammatically 
Hangs with me
Too bad you hang on a noose
Too bad you rap for
Before the Father
Before I falter again and then fall farther
Grammatically further but I commit to incorrectness
Instead of an interjection of my
grammatically correct

It's like the last song and your dancing oh so well
But when lights come on your dancing by yourself

I'm sorry
That you should worry
music, still im influenced
All of my ken don't know how I do it
And if I'm being honest, I don't know too
That's not grammatically correct (No)
to the earth 

Alphabetically bombarding certain details everyone forgets 
Grammatically harboring insane Jesus kinda lycs 
Masterful, natural onslaught poetry,

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