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Why you talk so loud?
Why you talk so?
Why you talk so loud?
Why you talk so?

Passing grammatical mistakes
Totally wrecked and polemic in
Grammatical bacteria
One thing's for certain baby
I got a big mouth, I got a big mouth
I got a big mouth, yeah

Just words
I'm getting
Grammatical mistakes in every sentence I speak
It doesn't matter, I make enough sense to seem deep
Now look at me (go to sleep, go to sleep)
v6 engines when I be 

enterin' - grammatical vortexes twistin' like rolodexes context is 

randomly selected ran like red lights by eager
The new to the next, and of course the nextus
The greatest, the grandest, of course you expect this
In cash, boom bash, slash, grammatical
is red hot

This jam is red hot

So let the ash blow
We relieve static with a grammatical fiasco

Don't even start me
We rippin' up your party
grammatical et collé gram
Tous les mots de la langue s’empilent l’un l’autre et me montent au cerveau

Dire tant de mots tsé veut dire on a beau
Dire et beau
grammatical sabbaticals
Advance on mechanicals unstoppable I'm topical
Invent new robot shit like butt mixed with popsicle 
It's the Babygotbackical
or detective, intercept them, and stop 'em with weapons

King Syze, Vinnie Paz, we like Animal Hawk
Grammatical master for art, Heavy Metal we smashing your
the name before the predicate, an error of grammatical etiquette. 
I stand alone with my independent clause: she may be gone but I am not the cause. 
but kept breaking his typewriter.
he'd preach his manifesto like a militant radical.
was dilligent, but his greatest mistakes were grammatical.

She's rich beyond the natural so my spirit's impressed

Had an encounter with this gal at Grammatical show
She was looking unfamiliar but someone I'd
getting shook up
Getting dug up
>From the roots up
Put your boots up
Your time has finally come
To a swift
And deadly end
A grammatical revolution
latitude, attitude
Formatical, fragile, grammatical, radical dude
Spit ball, pitfall
Hole in the wall is all I see
Eight ball, wait y'all
Aceyalone has
d'éta...ble de conjugaison
Les excuses et les exceptions
Am stram grammatical et collé gram
Tous les mots de la langue s'empilent l'un l'autre et me montent
Couldn't even have my hair platted in braids
Austentatious with the capital A
But it's capital O, and a grammatical O
Put them in their place, they was
the purple hair
You carried her down the stairs
And you should be ashamed 
There was a lexical gap between your teeth
Grammatical tongue that knows its

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