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I've been all over the world but no other girl ever thrilled me the way that you do
Ain't it amazing how I love you
Well I left my Gracie and I
is ever going to see
Gracie girl

With your cards to your chest walking on your toes
What you got in the box only Gracie knows
And I would never
Gracie Lyons
Well you can cross now
You bled so long
But you can cross now
You tricked and traded
But you're the boss here
You cast it wrong
You had
Miserere miseris fons misericordie	
Si misera fueris parit aula glorie	 
Honor nostri generis	 
Archa novi federis	 
Et aurora gracie	 
else is ever going to see 
Gracie girl 

With your cards to your chest walking on your toes 
What you got in the box only Gracie knows 
And I would
drives a beat up '69 Dodge. 
Swears it's a statue of Mary keeps his car from fallin' apart.
Gracie right beside him sittin' closer than a smile. 
Gracie, we're makin babies, yea, we're barefoot on the tiles / we make 'em
Soft and small and tender, it's the biggest hazard of your gender, gotta
drives a beat up '69 Dart
Swears it's the statue of Mary
Keeps the car from falling apart
With Gracie right beside him
Sitting closer than a smile
Wake up Gracie
You're stealing the covers again
Its 4 in the morning
Decembers outside creeping in
Now 1000 times over I love you
1001 now its
put that song on for me won't you
And make gracie think of me
He's a rich man living in a poor man's house

Every night at home, feels like it's Christmas Eve
And Gracie's got his dinner on the stove, Daddy's
to hear lie like that," but I think
He likes a bedtime story. I think
She likes a bedtime story.
Gracie made a pillowcase sail, Huck Finned it down
that Gracie's on
Omaplata, guard your nose, Haloti Ngata
Total knocker, seldom sipping Stoli Vodka
Making maneuvers for myself out on a late night
Hello Gracie you're a good little girl
It's a beautiful world, oh and you're out in it
Last time I saw you playing the yard
You were running with
Floor game like the Gracie's
I'm a monster, I'm a fiend on the microphone
Welcome into my twilight zone, play me foul get tombstoned
Send you da hell
the Ripper and Upton Park
Gracie, Cilla, Maxy Miller, Petula Clark 
Winkles, Woodbines, Walnut Whips
Vera Lynn and Stafford Cripps 
Lady Chatterley, Muffin
What was that again?
Ave gloriosa virginum regina
Vitis generosa, vite medicina
Clemencie resina
Ave copiosa gracie piscina

as crazy
I've just got a shorter fuse
Like Burns and Gracie
You keep feeding lines.

Well alright, we're out of time.
I guess I'll just say goodnight.
holding hands
As Gracie lays upon us as we spoon

How could I ever be so blind that I could not see
How could I ever stray from what has meant so much
sold them I sold that

I'm sorry Gracie girl you're golden

I'm sorry Steven and Andrew
That I ever left you
You never seen the ocean
You never
Please, gracie, please won't you come knock on my door.

You've surely done more pounding than I give you credit for
I'm a fool most times, unusually so,
Serais-je remercié de ce courage
Serais-je gracié pour ce départ
Je défie la mort naturelle
J'échappe enfin à la vie éphémère, oubliant le sang
Gracie takes the bottles from the porch where you had left them
There are age-old drinks of wine you never shared.
Drivin' down the motorway, with

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