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I wonder, I wonder if we can get Carl Perkins out to help us with this tine
(He probably would, he would probably help us)
June and I have been
sold out
Cause down a hundred ground
Like a rapping in a dope house
Man wherever I be
The feds got me scoped out
Mother fucker let my nuts hang
That'll be sufficient, Smithers

Excuse me?
I said that's enough
Oh, sorry sir
Thought I had my mojo working

That man by the cooler
Drinking water, as if
Verse 1: 

Don't underestimate the reach 

Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach 

Defari  work for Likwit organize 

Dodger hats

This goes out to all my peoples in the city
Making ends meat, getting by
Thinking 'bout the hustle, everybody struggles for
Mojo my right hand
And Yunan was our dope man
I know he lookin' down from Heaven.

I'm chargin' $3900 for it I got them bags in
$850 you know
that, what for?

Money, that and
I wanna get some steady bitches and hoes
And some candy for my nerves
Some diamond stones, to roll with my chrome
schools for this 
Cause I'm drawn by the vision and close my hand into a fist 
Raised in the crime with nothing to eat 
So my natural instincts to kill

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