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pittsburgh down
Its Wiz Khalifa man
You cant tell by now
Pittsburgh Imma swell my town
That steel city damn

Roll rubber you don't know who you dealin' with
Changin' the game
His name, its wiz khalifa man
From the home of the brick
Where they know for the cake
The place, that steel city damn
I got that
Let em know
I was made for this
And gotta let the people know (where you from?)
Pittsburgh wiz khalifa bouta bring it home
Is he shakin' fools
I am whatever I am
Only God can judge me, now I'm

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
One shot, everything rides on tonight
Even if I've got three strikes
to my Queen

What y'all smoking on though?
That's a little OG, that Dolla $ign OG. This shit flight nigga
Hey you bleeding? God damn
I got the Wiz Khalifa
and playettes, teachers, staff, and students
I am very honored to welcome you to the high school annual talent show
Brought to you by the makers of Wiz Khalifa

It's Wiz Khalifa man
This shit hot, right?

Now don't blink cause the flow is closer, don't think
True diplomat, no Jim Jones and no Pink
rock it? There'll be a doom call
Man, my posse is worldwide known
All the way from Philly to the streets of Rome
Too Damn Hype led by Jeff
choppers too heavy
Told 'em you gotta fall back
I can't sneak you in the club
Said I'm in the car you need me my nigga nothin' but love
Now its blunts
My feet on the floor, I???m ???bout to turn up now 


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa] 
I be rockin' J's or 
I be rockin' Taylors 
I got lots
better roll somethin'
Coughin' like you got a cold or somethin'
Tryna O.D. on THC
Nigga fuck around gave Young Khalifa a pound
Smoke the whole thing up
I skunk 
Wiz poppin' junk, it must be that time of the month 
But fuck it, I got to spit this verse from my lung 

Stumbled inside my lab
All those fairy tales are full of sh*t
One more stupid love song I'll be sick

Now I'm at a payphone

[Wiz Khalifa]
Man work that sh*t
I'll be
La la la la la
Imma get it like this nigga

Yo, I got the green, Don Juan
I'm in the hood, blow the horn, bom-bom
This pimpin' ain't for free,
by Soulja Boy
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    by Wiz Khalifa
    Love You Down Lyrics
    by Honey Cocaine
    Love Explosion Lyrics
    by Marvin
me on the jack, told me he mad
Wiz Khalifa paper plane'll have you feel glad

100 million records, all the work I put in
All they wanna know is
Sledrine, yeah, it's Young, Wiz, Khalifa Man
Buss down (Echo Out)
it's sunny
Big papa, they love to rub my tummy
Got the renegade hoes runnin' from me

It's not a thing we can't afford
Walk up in the club
don't trust every word I say, I say (Wiz Khalifa man)
When I'm under the influence
It's a blur, but I want my way, my way
You know I'm under
Everybody that I'm with get high too
Only rolling in a Wiz Khalifa paper
Taylor Gang G-pen smell the vapor
Take it to the head before I walk up
Cocaine on the table wish the rappa got em choppin' logs
Twenty dolla' bills all rolled up, Wiz Khalifas rollin' pot
Jackie Chan is rollin' rollin',
rolled up, Wiz Khalifas rollin' pot
Jackie Chan is rollin' rollin', Yelawolf is powin' powin'
Slow motion got hos in motion, I think it's the perfect time
holding her hand
You wanted to make love
It was just who she was
For she was not loved by none

By none

You didn’t want to know who you were
somethin' nigga

Crack a swishy if I'm rollin' up that good
And we roll it by the O, yeah I know you wish you could
Ain't nothin' funny gettin' money like I
there ho, you know whats up
Quit hoggin' the blunt bitchch, slow down
Pimps up, hoes down
Ass up, nose down
Damn bitch I do it

And this the life we chose

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