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Well, it's after midnight and the skies are shining bright,
And a big fat moon is dancing on the sea, and I'm thinking oh my
Goodnight, goodnight, sweet child.
Why don't you dream with the angels,
To forget for awhile,
To forget of the life
That's been handed to you?
you're not by my side
And those nights I dream of kissing you goodnight
Are on my mind
Fade away
Fade away
Everyday everyday(2)

From: In The Shadow Of The Angel, Black Radio, The Final Experience
& Thankyou Very Much Goodnight

Words by
All the love that You gave
Has taken me somewhere good

Gone is my eloquence
Apologies come easy for some
With a Saviour, this is making sense
falling for her

And now my time has passed
I've fallen for her

From: In The Shadow Of The Angel, Black Radio LP, The Final Experience,
Thankyou Very Much
Everything is alright and awful
Get yourself another
We'll stay up all night
And toast to friends we never had
Stranger angels have swung around this
time broke down body and mind
And some time when I don't see a rain cloud floatin' by Lord I just feel like dyin'
My pa used to tell me when I was a boy
And give myself five more minutes

At eighty-six my grandpa said there's angels in the room
All the family gathered 'round knew the time was coming soon
an anxious fist my lullabye works fine. Lullabye =
And goodnight, ain't that a great song? You're an angel in recline, =
Please go to bed dear, please go
Here's where I should say goodnight call me up some other time
A little kiss by the front porch light that's what I should do
Anyone with sense
how she kiss me goodnight
Cos he fills up my life
Like the Sun, he shines bright
Boy, come with me now

The first night me meet her
Yes me
beautiful eyes
You are my heart till the end of time so here's a kiss from a thousand miles
Turn out the lights and say goodnight
I miss you
Oh God I miss
the jump, never front, never stunt
Never done what a average girl done
And I can tell by her body language
She feels my emotions
And got me anxious
want me to kiss you goodnight

I pray for your soul in my holy land, the earth is trembling across in devils home
I'm praying for mercy as the lightning
people comin' by to celebrate the show,
Some of them are new in town and some of them you know"
I've got a local station on, Tejano music playing
I do
how she kiss me goodnight
Cos he fills up my life
Like the Sun, he shines bright
Boy, come with me now

The first night me meet her
Yes me
that girl an overdue farewell
And without a goodnight kiss I jumped back in my truck
Turned on some Hank and cranked it loud as hell

She don't like
home told June and me
That we'd have separate rooms side by side,
Oh what I'd give for one more night of sleeping with my wife,
Since '45 I've touched
porns in the morn'
My body got warm, hmm - from gettin freaky with Vaughn
Sexin like crazy, my body amazed me
By takin a chance with a man that didn't
Fina grab you by your waist, take you for a ride
Kiss you from your neck to your thighs
Grab me with your legs looks me in the eyes
Wanna get your
I'mma write this here rhyme like Guru's in the passenger
Standin on the East coast, starin out to Africa
Accolades, Escalades fade
My vernacular

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