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You take sugar and spice
Everything nice
And you got a little girl
You take snakes and snails
Some puppy dog tails
And you got a little boy
made of
Hearts say goodbye
Hearts have to cry
Hearts on a tree
Walks by the sea
Snakes, snails, puppy dog tails
Sugar, spice everything nice
Hello, little girl, goodbye, little girl
I'm not your kind of guy, little girl
I'll only make you cry, little girl
Trouble (trouble, trouble,
Yeah, the trouble with girls
Is nobody loves trouble as much as me

They're sugar and spice and angel wings
Hell on wheels and tight blue jeans
A summer
Kids are cruising on the old shoreline
Goodbye-girls killing time
Feel like soldiers we couldn't wait
Running wild, rushing to our fate

* we kept
Sunlight on the lino
Woke me with a shake
I looked around to find her but she'd gone
Goodbye girl
I know the world got you down
Bound by the problems and troubles of life
Full of strife pain and misery 
Looking for true peace love