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the mill
And never a new love will be the same
Good riddance, good-bye
Every trick of his, you're on to
But fools will be fools
And where's he gone to?
cause every time we touch

Life is good, the grass is green
The good Lord smilin' on you and me
Gonna knock on wood
Sweet sunshine everywhere I look
When that No Limit tank start hittin'
Nigga them gats start spittin, good riddance
You better run like "The Running Man"
but if you ain't
I had disengaged to avoid being totaled 
I would run away and say good riddance soon enough 
I had grown disgusted by your small-minded ceiling
Call out in vain 
For thee again 
Perchance to dream 
You're my dancing queen 
Behold the haven of life 
Perchance to dream
Day of ire prithee
Rose you dream day and night 
Why don't you give up and stay home?
Anybody that stays home is dead
And I'm not giving up until I am

Some people
a muffin,
Make a muffin betta, make a muffin betta, etc....)
With a green rosetta
A little green rosetta

Good God! You're really jammin ! Now

Goodbye, good riddance
A period is after every sentence
Did my time with my cellmate
Maxed out so now we finished
Every day was like a hail
All those days gone by
I thank God for the good times
Every moment of my life

Everybody wants to be remembered
of something good, or kindness
where you are
Life goes by and met you, just
Like it does on New Year's day
There's a comfort in the good old times
You don't feel so far away
had my troubles, had my trials 
I've hit the mark and I've missed by miles 
Had days that I've been fightin' mad 
But the good times have more than
Seems like everything that's good in life
You gotta wait for
A cane pole bobber dancing on the lake
In tennessee
It's like sitting there really
day, by day, by day (2x) [it's one step out of time] 


As you walk
Day by day
Go to God and pray,
"I'm gonna go Your way" 

Of this life are we. 
Through the same troubled waters 
We carry our time, 
You and the convicts and me. 
There's a good thing to know
pointed at ya 

The life subtracters, the poison animal eating slackers 

Nobody move, nobody bleed as I proceed 

I beg you heed this thing me talk with
weight I did not know
You could ever look so good after
So much time

I remember those days hanging out
At the Village Green
Engineer boots, leather
weight I did not know
You could ever look so good after
So much time.

I remember those days hanging out
At the village green
Engineer boots, leather
with me these days
Got a good job, got a good office
Got a new wife, got a new life
And the family's fine
We lost touch long ago
You lost weight I did
I'm a shitty golfer, you can ask my wife
I've been out there hackin' every day of my life
I got the shorts and all the plaid sweaters
And new
To see success sometimes you gotta suffer 
I need a woman that's stronger than material needs 
And isn't motivated by green 
Dry my tear-drops
weight I did not know
You could ever look so good after
So much time.

I remember those days hanging out
At the village green
Engineer boots, leather
occurrence happens all the time
Around every corner a brighter day lies
Loads of mercy, beauty beholds
An eye for a partner as good, as good as gold
the fucking ground
Hands upon your head kid do as I said
Kid it's too late you're dead, good fucking riddance
And if I get bagged I'ma do the life sentence
By standing in the road alone
Standing watching the fires burn

The northern sky it stinks with greed
You could smell it for miles around
The good ole
what a day
How's your boy been?

Nothing to do
It's up to you
I've got nothing to say
But it's O.K.

Good morning, good morning
Good morning,