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of life
Is to live while you're alive my friend
So sing an unwritten song
Or repent for the deeds you left undone

This is Here
This is Now
It's the moment

He's power drunk
Yeah, I look at his eyes
Gotta sober up
It's the truth within that makes a good man rise

God, protect us from the thoughts
the same
I know them so damn well
I can call them all out by name

Fade away
Karma never forgets
It'll be one hell of a war
Before you rise against me
the fun is left undone
I'm the one, count on me

Cause I'm the one, by your side
All the time, yeah
I'm the one, all the time, by your side
Its work cannot be undone
Horus hermes trismagistos
The calls of the universal panthenon
Realities fold and submerge
When gods combat against their
inside us,
The last temptation.

The night is young, but we are younger.
Time is on our side.
Kill the lights.

Of all the things I left undone,
a wrong so great in life
That it undoes every good we've ever done
Is there an act so good it would undo all our wrongs
Every single one?

And in
is lost
The chain undone
We wait all day
For night to come
And it comes
Like a hunter child

I'm hanging on
You're all that's left to hold
Yeah, yeah
Rise to your feet little soldier
Times are changing, yeah
See in order to get it
You got to go out there and get it
You got
against the flow
Dark as the night comes to share
With stars in her hair
And grand majestic flair
Framed, a world passes by
With the sound of a young girl's
me how it feels again
Where the moon rises up again
Shining down on your hot white skin
And you know it
Can you reach it

Feeling good like we
the fallen, born to rise
A part of you left alone to die

Dealt to you in a winning hand of fortune
We’re cast out filth in your own distortion
A ghost
underneath your view
I'll be the one
To let you know when you've come undone

I like the stars in the sky
And watch the moonlight go by
I've got a lot

Salvation by Fire will come
reflecting the deeds undone
face the destiny

Salvation, Salvation, Salvation will come...

Deliver us from
of dreams and my one shirt on my back
I left there looking for some things to find

[Verse 2]
Rode my thumb to San Francisco,i worked down by the bay
To medicate humanity of
The belief in the cure for the sickness
Which it taught.
We are
Held hostage in the name
Of self denail
Consumed by
We pulled the shades
And closed our eyes
The Stockholm city lights
Were slowly starting to rise
And we were strapped against
Those Scandinavian skies
Half breed
Is all I ever heard
Half breed
Let me hate the word
Half breed
She's no good they warned
Both sides were against me since the day
promised myself I'd come back another time
Left all hopes, schemes and dreams against the rocks
Who can return them now if not for you
Returned to his
By david pack and michael mcdonald

When the morning breaks with the rising sun
Our past mistakes are gonna be undone
'cause no other love could have
And they pinned me up against the wall
And my home-made jam in my plastic bag
Lies broken by the civic hall

I closed my eyes to see the phoenix rise
How quick your change was the most astounding 
What you're gonna do is you against the world 
You started off being such a sweet girl 
Times go
Today’s the day when we all rise
My anchor’s gone so watch me come alive
Together we stand against the burning lies
And now that I found my wings
Written by (traditional).

I went down to the station
I leaned up against the door
Yeah, I went down to the station
I leaned up against the door
I left home with nothing but a few tears in my eyes
Now I'm halfway down the interstate past Highway 99
It's just me and one good wiper blade up

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