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This is Suggs, and now I am going to take it away
OK, lads, get closer together

And all this time I'll be waiting up by the chimney stack
rene, good (A) night Irene
I'll (B7) get you in my (E) dreams

Sometimes I lives in the country
Sometimes I lives in town
Sometimes I have a great notion
a summer day
With a blue sky smile on your funny face
And a bird flew by singin'
?Everything's gonna be ok, yeah?

So we laughed all day with the man in
how I don't like to be by myself
You know I'm just here by all by my self
Why what's going on?
Maybe take a bubble bath you know what I'm sayin'
to be loved by anyone
It's not unusual to be fucked by everybody
It's not unusual to spend some time on yourself
Gonna make it all right
Say we'll
it's all gonna be ok

It's all gonna be okay, okay, OK
That is why I always say
It's all gonna be OK

I want to,
Cover you with presents
But my
Oh we make the standards and we make the rules
And if you don't abide by them you must be a fool
We have the power to control the whole land
at the end - Ace]

"Now Stevie, now don't be nervous, honey, O.K.? I'm gonna go in & I'm
gonna introduce you & then you're gonna come in with your guitar &
Tiptoe back to the place that i know so
Oh wont you please just say so
'Cause i'm not gonna leave until you let me go, 
Until you let me go

ok, ok
This is the business
Prepare to take witness
To the type of ish that we on, we on
By the time that you get there
We already been there
We done

Blue screen
For someone else's show

What's that you're saying to me
Tomato coated spaghetti?

It's gonna be OK
as any human could
But that won't get me by

I could be anything I wanted to
I wanted to
I could do anything but one thing's true

Never gonna be
If I go 

Will you be ok 

If I go away 

Wish that I could stay 

Say you'll be ok 


I can tell by the look in your eyes
Give or take, I rate you 'bout an eight
Or a nine, OK, fine, you a dime
And them other bitches they gon' wait in line
They hatin' on you how you
stick who you already with (Ok)
If you in that means you can just hit me on that late night tip (Oh)

I can't understand why these ballas be trippin'
sings new lyrics when they play this one live, and they seem to be about heroin and their dead pal Kurt... Submitted by Rene 

I'm sin 
will bring you through. 

So don't you worry about a thing, 
Soon understanding he will bring. 
Everthing is gonna be OK. 
Trust in him, and he will
Shine I'll stand by you
Don't try and push me away
'Cause I'm just gonna stay
You can shine I won't deny you
And don't be afraid it'll all be ok
it all makes sense.

There's enough room for you, and there's enough room for me,
And that's the way it's gonna be.
There's no use sitting on the fence
that things will be ok

Its gonna be better than yesterday today
And tomorrow will be better than today
I can see the dawning of a brand new way
Pretend it's OK

I see the light that I'm chasing
A memory, but it's fading
When it's gone I'll be waiting
Knowing it's too late (knowing it's too late)
holler back if you hear me now, OK
OK, OK, OK, OK, gonna be alright now
OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, OK, 
Hallelujah holler back if you hear me now, OK
at the end - Ace]

"Now Stevie, now don't be nervous, honey, O.K.? I'm gonna go in & I'm
gonna introduce you & then you're gonna come in with your guitar &
Though it's nothin' like she had planned
She's gonna be o.k. gonna find a way
Living in no man's land

Every now and then late at night
She thinks
Yeah, what up, I go by the name of Divine, I got my boy Akon in the back
But before I bring him out, I want all the ladies
Come on, ok ok ok ok