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Inside her silver house, alone 
She sings a song 
Of water turned to sand 
She waits, her time is her own 

Inside her looking glass 
Black is
Lighting the polished ice caverns of the dawn,
But where in the looking-glass fields of illusion
Wandered the child who was perfect as the dawn?
I'm looking to be by a window
That looks out on the sea
Anybody here know
Where such a place is? 

Surf of golden sunlight
Breaking over me
While contemporaries of mine remaining comatose

There's a looking glass she's looking through
She hated me, but then she loved me too
I'd lie, not try,
of shattered glass
Damp mattresses in the doorway, an old abandoned take-away
No, nothing much to tell us, if and where you'd gone
By now you could be miles
the looking glass
I still fear mortality and its loss in the end
Unlimited power in my hands
The claw of the dragon ascends
"Mourn for his lost soul
Easier said than done while flipping fries at golden archie
Just tryna be that double rainbow meme
Ice cream painted on the borders of those dreams
the brotherhood
In the beginning, yet you never could
Ain't that kept undercover another one cause I got
Six got hung by the beast
Looking for the golden
to the maximum, sax playing, lay on the drum
The Jeffersons on, I'm ready to cum
She looking at me with a relevant stare, know my pockets the only here
I hang wit pullers of automatic triggers and gold diggers
My mob?s full of go getters go live or die by the cold niggas
Wit drama bringers ear
I crush sour in the sifter, see how I lift her
Universal God, I stay scientific
The kid with the Golden Arms, Iron Fisted
Stay Asiatic, so
and you'll find cut glass to get you cut fast without cuttin'
She got a diamond tattoo on her upper thigh
Another fineness walks by and cuts eyes
Her let

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